Monday, August 25, 2008

Get off the beach!

While reading someone's blog today I had a light bulb moment. An, ahhhh ha! moment.
The moment actually had a beginning several years ago and I would like to share when it began.

Years ago while in a women's group Godd gave me a picture that I hope I will never forget.
Imagine this.....

You are standing on the beach watching the waves coming in. It is hot and the water is have such a longing to get in.
You know you need to get in the is the only way you will survive the heat of the day.
As you stand there you hear the nudging of the Spirit saying,
Get in.
Get all the way in.
The water is His word.
The waves are His words to the body.
Get in the water.

You hesitate...the waves are getting so big.
You can see some out in the water enjoying the shallow part.....the part where the waves are the smallest. They jump here and there trying not to get too wet.
Others are out waist deep. Arms in the air-- they are still trying to keep their balance as the waves are tumbling down.Deeper still there are others who are neck deep.
You see clearly a look on their faces.....a mixture of excitement and longing.And when the next wave comes in they are no longer see them.
They disappear and all you see is the wave moving on.
But soon they burst to the surface their faces alight with an amazing glory.
And before you know it they are heading out to the deeper waters......treading...
no longer standing.
In your heart you want to be with them......feeling the waves...feeling the weightlessness. You want to hear His words to the body. You see them rolling know that they are good.
To be in the water is to hear His message for the body.

Will you get in the water?
I have thought of this often in the last few years. Wondering if any of the women in that group were still in the water. Wondering how many had gone back to the shore.
I have gone back myself at times.

Then today while reading a friends blog
I thought about that water again.....just in a different way.
The waves sent by God were life experiences. Life experiences that sometimes knock us off our feet and send us flipping around under the water not sure where up is. Our breath gets short and sometimes we begin to panic that we will never surface again.
But, then we surface. We surface with the knowledge that He is watching out for us and knows our needs. We look around and see that others too are just surfacing. You see the gasping for oxygen......and the relieved look and understanding that is growing in their minds.

And I guess that is when it hit me.
This friend and I had been hit by the same wave.
As I was tumbling...she was tumbling.
And then it hit me...... I had my light bulb moment. As I was going through a similar situation-- I had not thought to pray for other sisters (unknown) who might also be experiencing the same thing at the same time.
She might be on the other side of the ocean from me or right next door......but, I could reach out and make sure she knows she will make it to the surface. Make sure that I used the tools I have been given to help her not give up....leaving the ocean in fright.

So....if you are going through an issue right now you can be sure that there is another sister going through a similar situation. Scripture tells us so. Maybe God is allowing a wave to tumble you......just to give you the heart to understand. Or maybe just to give you a better idea of how much God loves you. A deeper understanding.
And so really....I guess the wave still represents a message from God to you and me.
Will we hear it?

To my sister being flipped up side down by the last wave.......I hear you and I am praying.
I love you!


Denise said...

Have I told you lately how much I love you dear one?? Well, I do, I really do.

MelanieJoy said...

I sent you an email BEFORE I read this post and it's so crazy to me right now thinking about that...because what I emailed would have been the exact thing I would have commented on here....
God has blessed me by crossing our paths beyond measure and He has used you so many times this year to keep me from giving up and leaving the ocean...You are doing the thing He has called you to do.
Thank you...Love you.

Janera said...

oh my goodness, this is so powerful. I need to print this out and let it wash over me again and again.

You are a treasure.

luvmy4sons said...

The more I read your thoughts and get to know your sweet tender heat the more I precious you become. As one who has recently been hit by wave after wave, I am praying for sisters everywhere who are swimming with salt water in their eyes and mouth! God is so faithful. What a beautiful post! Hugs to you sweet sister.

theresa said...

I SO needed to read this today. You are such an encouragement to me! {{{{HUGS}}}}

Halfmoon Girl said...

You ARE a fabulous encouragement. I could relate to this post as you know how much I love the beach and the ocean.

Anonymous said...

I know that sometimes what we go through isn't a barrell of laughs but when you reach the other side and push past the pain, the growth of character is amazing and there's no way I'd trade it in for an empty, shallow and carnal life.

Mary / Mariah said...

As I read this I got thinking , I pray for others needs as I think is needed or have been told is needed and I pray for my needs . But did I think to pray for others who are in need of those things I've been needing . So now I'll pray for my needs but not for me , I'll pray it for others . Praying for others those things we need , I guess I just didn't think .Thanks for turning on another light in another life .
I realy enjoy your Blog , Please stop by and pick up Your Aword

Holly said...

My goodness...that is beautiful.

I wish you were here with me, so we could talk at length about this topic.

I guess we are all in the wave at one place or another. I believe we have caught our breath a bit, but are stillat the bottom of it.

LOVE you! Miss you! Praying for you!!