Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What a difference a year makes!

Hey all---Tonight I hope to get around to say HI! and see what has been going on.

At least for a month I am using a friends little device that hooks into the side of my computer and allows me to get on line.
I have promised God not to over do it--the quiet has been good.

Today I went and ran some errands and then we went to the gravel pit to swim.
As I floated soaking in the sun I thought about how a year ago my life was full of so many responsibilities that now I no longer have.
It does free the mind....and removes the guilt of taking time for yourself.
So we had a good day and enjoyed soaking in some sun.

Keith is outside with some friends putting up our old it looks like things are running a little slow with us getting our of here --I can move in my washer and dryer and frig.
But right now I am content with things just the way they are.
Yesterday I did not move all day.
I had gotten a book by Ted Dekker and I read the whole thing.
It was fab......the reading....but I am not sure that I like the way the book made me feel.
It was his book ..Adam.
Kind of dark.

So I am not going to linger here because I want to get around and visit.
Thank you for your prayers and for checking in.


luvmy4sons said...

So good to hear from you friend. I read that book too! As always you are pushing forward with the love and joy of the Lord shining through you. Hugs and many prayers sweet sister!

MelanieJoy said...

Woooo Hooooo.....good to have you back!!!!! Love Ya!

Denise said...

So great to hear from you sis, you sound happy, that makes me happy. I love you.

Mary said...


I'm so glad that this hectic day is winding down. I'm finished for the day except for some laundry I got behind on and a few other things.

I'm so glad you were able to visit. I am praying for you and thank you for your prayers. I would love to rent to a Christian and yes, I would have loved to have you for renters. ;-)

Love and blessings,

Denise said...

Oh it is sooooooooo good to "see" your face........ Miss you much... I am so glad that you have found the place where guilt does not abide.... I hate that feeling of taking time for ourselves and then feeling gulity about it... I pray that you are resting and soaking up the Lord at the same time you are soaking up the sun.. Do not forget the sUn screen....

Love ya Girl!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Because I am newer to your blog, I can't quite follow all your travels. I missed out on the beginning, and that's fine. Just tell me, where are you headed? Sorry if this seems strange, but I feel like I'm in the dark.


Holly said...

I'm reading Adam right now, too. But then I set it down for something lighter "Falling for you Again." But it's a bit sad. Then I pick up "Me, Myself and Bob" by Phil Vischer. Wow--it's a very good read!!

Praying for you and so very glad for the time of relaxation you are enjoying, Sharon!!

Thanks for the recipes! And send more!!!!! I promise you, it will be SO welcome.

Halfmoon Girl said...

ok, I am confused- where are you right now, and what are you doing? I am mixed up with the comings and goings! (it doesn't take me much to get into that state these days)Nice to hear from you. God bless.

Sandi said...

Glad to hear you have time for yourself. So often we don't do that, but a me day is needed from time to time.

Alisun said...

Welcome Back!!! Hey you take time for yourself if you need to we totally understand. I would love a sun day too

Nise' said...

So glad you took time for yourself and just floated! Hopefully you will be able to enjoy some more books. I have not read Adam yet. I have to be in the right "mood" for Ted Dekker.

Mary said...

I read your comments in Elaine's post about being a Warrior and wanting to pass this to your children. I thought you would like this poem about a Prayer Warrior. It was given to me by my daughter in '96. In her younger years she went through a time of teen age rebellion but the light of God's love was so evident in the last days of her life.

This morning my thoughts traveled along
To a place in my life where days have since gone
Beholding an image of what I used to be
As visions were stirred, and God spoke to me.

He showed me a Warrior, a soldier in place
Positioned by Heaven, yet I saw not the face
I watched as the Warrior fought enemies
That came from the darkness with destruction for me

I saw as the Warrior would dry away tears
As all of Heaven's Angels hovered so near
I saw many wounds on the Warrior's face
Yet weapons of warfare were firmly in place

I felt my heart weeping, my eyes held so much
As God let me feel the Warrior's prayer touched
I thought "how familiar" the words that were prayed
The prayers were like lighting that never would fade

I said to God "please, the Warrior's name:
He gave no reply, he chose to refrain
I asked "Lord, who is broken that they need such prayer?"
He showed me an image of myself standing there

Bound by confusion, lost and alone
I felt prayers of the Warrior carry me home
I asked "Please show me Lord, this Warrior so true"
I watched and I wept, for Mother. .
The Warrior-was you!

(written by Larry S. Clark)

I'm realizing more and more that praying for our children is the highest call we can have. And the enemy will do everything to prevent it.


Melanie said...

It was soooo good to hear from you today! I've been thinking of you and wondering how were doing. I can't wait until I can hear from you regularly again.

Harry-Rami Itie said...

i love Adam