Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm Back! And you thought T.V commercial breaks were long!

Recognize the set?
This is the set for the James and Betty Robinson's show Live Today.
We had such a great time in this intimate close setting. We arrived on the set on Friday night and Beth taught twice that night. She would teach for an hour and while we had a fifteen minute break- she would change clothes. Each hour will be broken down to segments on T.V to be aired some time in the fall I believe.
Tracy and I had a good time trying to figure out the mapquest directions on the way back to our hotel after the first session. We are both map challenged. ;)

We got to spend some time together on Friday morning just hanging out and doing some shopping. We went and got some books for Beth to sign -but the questions went on for too long at the end of the last session so we did not get them signed. But I do have a new book to read....we got the one on the life of Paul.
We were both glad that we brought a jacket and sweater because it was like an ice box in the studio. We sat both days at the top and it felt like we were right in the path of all the wind entering the studio. But all the bodies kept us reasonably defrosted and we enjoyed the heat once we got outside-well we enjoyed it for a few minutes anyway. :)

I took notes like crazy.......felt a little bit like I was back in college. Relax.....I will not share 5 hours of notes with you!
The sessions were great. I will share a few thoughts with you a little later. I think probably the most powerful sessions for me were the ones on a "sound mind" and on praying a blessing found in scripture over those we love.

At first I was afraid to take pictures of Beth since they gave us pretty strict instructions on what we should or should not do while in the studio....especially during filming time. Things like not chewing gum and ...heaven forbid...not doing unpleasant things with your nose that might just be caught on camera for all the world to see. :0! Now I was not worried about getting caught doing the former but I was having horrible times with my allergies and it felt like someone had a feather tickling the end of my nose the entire time. And of course time eventually caught up with me and the yawns started . I did my best covering those up........hey!, we wouldn't want anyone to think I was bored with Beth's teaching. :)

Here is a sweet picture of our beautiful girl! She was full of energy
and The Spirit as she shared Gods word with us. Her outfits were stylish and colorful and I love that she made a point of saying that she had not spent a lot of money on her clothes because God had really set that in her heart after the Daniel study.
I can not even begin to think how tired her body was after teaching 5 one hour sessions. God was with her.
If you have never had the opportunity to do one of Beth's studies I would highly suggest that you try one. You can do them on line or you can go to her site and find out about one being done in your area.

I will share some of my notes later. Thanks for your prayers-we had a great time.

I think I have gotten around to about half of the blogs I read.......I will catch the rest of you a little later on......life and responsibility calls.


Janera said...

How exciting! What a blessing for you to get to go! I can't wait to hear more. Right now, I'm going over to click on the Siesta Fiesta Blog button and see what that's all about.

Welcome back, btw!

Holly said...

I, for one, would enjoy (really enjoy!) five hours of notes :)

Glad you had such a great and blessed time, friend!

luvmy4sons said...

So so great to get an update! Love the little pics to give me an idea of how it's been going! Sounds like a lot of great stuff! Can't wait for your wonderful little twists and additions to what you learned! Hugs sister!

freetofly said...

Yee-haw! Great to hear from you! Can't wait to hear some of the treasures you gleaned! Do tell when you can!

I love how she dresses. I also love that you said she has been impressed to not spend too much on the attire, due to what she learned in the Daniel study...do you know how I can info on that study? It just screamed out to me when I read that in your post.

Miss you!

Nicki said...

OH I'm SOOOO glad you had the best time!!! That is like a once in a lifetime opportunity!! Your poor nose!! That would've been me! =)

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts during this weekend! I could FEEL them!!! It was so awesome!!!!

Denise said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time, so happy for you.

Denise said...

Looking forward to hearing all about what the Lord spoke..I have never read any of her books, so I guess I need to start...... I am home from the Dr and will post about it late tonight.. No surgery.... I am thankful to the Lord and now we will wait to see how things progress.....

Always in prayer for you and direction for your life........

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I find that if I can take notes, I listen more attentively and my mind is less prone to wander. My note-taking is also my radar because if I attend an Sermon and there's nothing for notes, I don't go there anymore.

Nancy said...

I love watching Beth on LIfe Today and I am so glad you had the privilege of attending this taping.

It was nice visiting your blog.
In Him,

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back. Soo glad you had a good time - it sounds fabulous!

Mary said...
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Mary said...


It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I will keep my open for the show in the fall.

So nice to find new posts here. I certainly miss visiting with you.


Alisun said...

I would love to read the notes but yes that would be hard to share. I feel bad for you and your nose I too have allergies and they are always the worst at the worst possible time.
Glad all was awesome!!

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

can't wait to hear...

oh my, or like if you picked your nose...

I have missed you bunches..

love ya

Nise' said...

I love it! So glad you had a great time and that you shared pictures! I am a bit behind on watching the shows. I like to sit down and watch a complete series online.