Monday, June 9, 2008

And so went the evening and the morning..........

(This is a picture of our classroom-I took this last year.)

Well, we made it through the first night and morning fine.
Mom and Dad missed their flight last night because they were unable to get through customs fast enough. So they did not actually get here until after the morning session was over.
Besides what I teach each morning they have their own sessions.
So I went ahead and taught my Esther session that I was not supposed to teach till Wednesday.....good thing I had taught it before and know the story. We found out last night about 10:00 that they would not make it in in just as I was about to panic at a schedule that would now be messed level headed husband said, You know the story and you know you are ready to teach--just go to bed.
And, so I did. :)

This morning went fine.
My object lesson was on the fact that man looks at the outward appearance
but God looks on the heart.
I used two vases-- one plain and the other fancy. I asked the children if they were a flower what vase would they prefer to be put in.
Then after they made their choices I added water to each vase.
The small plain one filled up with clear water while the fancy one ended up with black looking water. (I had added food color to the bottom of the fancy one before class)
I then talked about the fact that we might look at ourselves and think we look great compared to another---but God is not as concerned about the outside as He is the heart and what is found there. And of course we were reminded that the Bible says, All have sinned and so our heart looks to God like the dirty water in the vase.
Then I talk about how God chose to give us a solution to the problem of our sin---if we choose to take it. I then added a little bleach to the water as I talked about the death of Jesus and the price that He paid for us. When the bleach is added the water turns a royal blue...pretty cool.
But then we talked about how our lives are still not perfect...we need help living this life for God. And so God sent the Spirit to live in our this point I added two Alkaselzers(s.p)...and with the Spirits help -God begins to clean our lives so that we then lead lives pleasing to God.
Of course the tablets stir the water mixing the bleach around and the water is once again clear.
It is a good visual for the children.

After snack time and bathroom time I got to teach Esther. I actually got almost an hour (50 minutes) since Mom and Dad were not there. It was nice. And it is amazing how you can keep 19 2nd-5th graders spell bound for that long with just words and a picture book.
I really love this time.
Usually I would have only had thirty I was able to really brings some truths home.
I love looking out at their little faces as they realize what cool things are in the Bible.

Did you realize that Haman in the story of Esther was a descendant of the people that
King Saul was supposed to have killed?
And because King Saul didn't kill the king right away after the battle as well as his wife....the wife escaped-pregnant. She passed along a huge hatred for the Jews to the generations to come.
Now we know why Haman hated Mordecai so much.

Well, I guess that is enough for now.
We serve such an amazing God.
He looks down from heaven for hearts that are open and willing to be used by Him.
He does not look for the strongest person with the greatest earthly beauty......He just wants hearts that are true blue.
We are a generation that needs to humble ourselves before the Lord.
We will either pass a huge love for our heavenly Father to the next generation.....or we will pass along a desire to follow the world and its master.

Love you guys!


Nicki said...

Oh Sharon! Sounds awesome!!! I'm so excited for what the Lord is doing through you this week! Praying for ya sister!!

luvmy4sons said...

So good to hear from you. Sounds like things are going swimmingly! That is so awesome! Hugs to you dear friend. Thanks for keeping us posted. You are continually in my prayers!

Melanie said...

Nice to hear from you! I'm so excited when I stop by and see you have posted.

I have an award for you, when you have some time

MelanieJoy said...

I love the last part what you said about...Him looking for hearts that are willing...not the strongest or with earthly beauty. Reminds just what I was talking about as far as work is right now for me.
I may use this object lesson Wed. night...if you don't mind I borrow =)
So glad it worked out you had the extra time to give them a little more!! I know you enjoyed it. Glad you didn't stress and got the rest you need for the day.
Have fun and talk to ya soon!

Mary said...

You never know what impact is being left on these children. I remember an object lesson given at Bible School when I was very young that I never forgot. The teacher had a piece of paper that she kept folding and telling us about different sins. When the paper was completely folded she opened this white sheet of paper and told us that Jesus could make our heart as white as snow but the scars from sin would remain. I remember looking at the creases on that paper and thought that I didn't want to have scars.

It is wonderful to invest yourself in the lives of children.


p.s. I enjoy your blog!

Sandi said...

I'm still praying each morning for you. I love the flower example.

Mary said...


This is awesome! I love that you used the vases and the water. I am going to show that lesson to my grandsons. They will be amazed. I'm so glad you were able to lead these children and teach them about our God and Jesus. You go girl!!!

Love and blessings,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

This is a wonderful story, and the way you presented it to the children will leave a lasting impression. Never underestimate the kingdom work being done through your willingness to teach the "least of these." God is well pleased to have his story seeded in young hearts and minds via your voice.

May untold blessing and a sacred harvest be birthed in the season of your service.


Denise said...

What beautiful visuals that you gave the children... it is a lesson that they will not forget,,

and the scriptures tell us that we are not to worry about what we will say for in that time the Lord will give us the words........ and He did just that.... you were well prepared and you have that lesson in your heart and not in your mind.....

I think that there are so many people that need to learn that God looks at the heart!!!!! Thank goodness........ My flesh gives me fits sometimes.......... but my heart it pure.........

love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Gasp! Pant! Sigh! Finally! I have managed to catch up to you. Whew! You've been busy and up to all kinds of good haven't you? Its good to see you on the mend. I was thinking of a song where you are concerned. "Out of my innermost being, rivers of water flow....."

Alisun said...

I would have loved to see the demonstration and the faces of the children how cool!!

Glad God had a plan for you to teach and enough time to really share it!

Anonymous said...

That visual is great! Thank you for sharing this with us. I also love when kids get excited about the bible and the lessons we teach.

Vicki said...

Hey girl. Enjoyed this post and am rejoicing in the way God uses you in the lives of those around you. A good lesson for us all - God looks on the heart. And it's a good thing!:-)


Regina said...

I thought I already responded but I don't see it...
Anyway awesome post and awesome testimony!
I have an award for you at my spot!