Thursday, May 8, 2008

Secuse me?

Have you ever had one of those moments when something that you had believed
as truth--suddenly you are not so sure if it is?
You hear someone with a sweet attitude and heart and they start speaking something that is just a tad different--and it sparks a thought. You might even be lulled into listening because you were friends with them before you found out they had different beliefs.
It happens doesn't it?
I just recently went through this.
There are some beliefs that we have that are not foundational to our salvation.
There is no way to get to heaven except through the work Jesus did on the cross--that is foundational. Predestination.........not foundational.
We can agree or disagree on the later. The first as a body of Christ we must believe this.

So after a recent event I went home thinking hmmmmm, maybe I need to rethink this.
I won't mention the issue because it is not foundational and I don't want to spark any disagreements. So I got home and the thoughts that were flipping around in my head really began to bother me. I don't like unsolved questions.
My first reaction of course was to talk to God.....then to my husband.....then to my parents (thank God for my godly parents).
I knew what the word taught.
But this person brought verses also.
At this point we have to look at what we know of the heart of our God.
Do you know the heart of your God?
If you are not sure of it then it will be easy to be swayed when
their truths are presented with slight twists.
There are some things that I will never have questions about.
*No one will ever cause me to think twice about if a person can earn their salvation.
Can't be done. Our good works are like filthy rags to God.
*Some sins are too big to be forgiven.........that is a lie. His blood covers and cleans all.
*God only loves perfect people......another lie. There is no one perfect but God.
*The Bible has just been falsely misinterpreted about Gods stand on the gay life style..........
that is a bold faced slap in the very face of our creator.

--stepping up on my soapbox--

This morning I was watching the today show and they interviewed the first openly gay elected bishop in a section of the Episcopal church.
I am not an Episcopal.......I am sure there are many out there in this denomination
who love God as I do.
So this is not against a denomination.
First the man talked of how he and others feel that the Bible has just been misinterpreted when it comes to how God feels about gay relationships. He says that God does not have a problem with monogamous gay relationships. :0!
Dear God we are seeing scripture fulfilled right before our eyes.
Remember the scripture that talks about men calling right wrong and wrong right?
So Matt Lauer, who was doing the interview, asked this bishop if maybe he wasn't just changing the interpretation to fit his circumstances?
Well of course the bishop said he was not----"God is a God of love" is what he said. And how could God have anything wrong with a loving monogamous relationship.
And actually the ones that were wrong were the ones who are rising against him.
That God was giving him the ability as a "Christian" to love his enemy.
As a "gay Christian"(I hate to even put those words together) he was out to show them God is using him to open others eyes.
Dear God help us!
This guy said that scriptures tell us that when we are living a life that is pleasing to God we will face persecution.
How sorry I feel for this man. How my heart hurts for him.
He claims to have a loving relationship with God and that God is speaking to him. And that in the storm of this-- God is holding him safely in the middle to protect him.
This crushes my heart.
His position will be used by satan to draw many away with a lie.
God did not create a person to be gay. He would not put it in our DNA.
The draw toward this life style is a seduction being woven by satan.
Just like any sin.......we must flee!
I had a friend in high school who drifted into this life style. Her parents are Christians. She and I went to a Christian school. And when she went off to college.......because she had never really gotten into dating(she was a tom boy) she figured she must be gay.
She has been in this life style now for over 20 years.
It hurts my heart and I pray for her.

--stepping off of my soapbox--

We need to KNOW what we know.
You had better make sure in these last days that you know the heart of God and what scripture says about the things of our day.
Lies are being woven in with the truth even in churches today.
We serve a jealous God.
He loves us and He will not stand for us to give our hearts or minds to another.
If you hear something that sounds a little off.............listen to the Spirit of God. He is here to be our teacher. And just because the man of God in the pulpit says it is had better make sure that there are scriptures to back what He is saying. And then you check those scripture against the heart of God. satan knows scripture too.....and he knows how to twist it.
Ask questions!
And don't let anyone tell you you are being rebellious just because you won't bow you knee to everything you are listening to.
Your teacher is the Holy Spirit......He will guide you.
A rebellious heart is not from don't step into the trap that you know more than everyone else. We are never above reproof done by Godly authority.
We need an authority.....that can speak a word of God and then sometimes point out where we need to let God work.
I pray you are in a safe church home or family.
We need others in the body of Christ.
We need family who will watch us grow up and become mature adults.
Let's not be gullible.

(And maw maw just in case you read....the above is not about our different beliefs. :)


Denise said...

2 Peter Chapter 2........ I went to it after reading your post...... signs of the times.... Satan luring the world into a peaceful sleep with all is well with God....... Whispering sweet nothings in their ear...... however all the while taking them down a path of destruction....... Be alert the word tells us........ there are among us false prophets.... Seek the face of God and move closer to Him as we see that day coming..........

Nicki said...

Speak a word girl!! Whew!!! Amen!!

luvmy4sons said...

Amen! Such great stuff you wrote there. I too am saddened by the deception of the enemy that tells people that a tendency toward a certain sin is HOW they were created. It is so important to love the sinner but hate the sin. And if you love a sinner you would not let them continue in their sinful state believing a lie. Speak the truth in love. So important to listen to the Holy Spirit and be versed in your Bible to KNOW what you KNOW. Thanks for your musings! Loved them!

Andrea said...

AMEN, sister!

Denise said...

Stay on your soapbox sis, amen.

Sandi said...

You said this so nicely and to the point.

Halfmoon Girl said...

It is true that we need to keep the main thing, the main thing and not be drawn into debates over things that don't really matter. At the same time, we need to stick to the Word and not get all wishy washy. Good post Sharon!

Nise' said...

Amen! We need to KNOW and who better to teach us than the Holy Spirit.

Anonymous said...

Amen my friend!! Get back on that soap box cause you say it in love:)

Mary said...


An absolutely wonderful post and such a gentle way of putting it before your readers. I believe you are correct in all you have written here. We are taught by the Holy Spirit and satan is leading many down a path of destruction. We all fall short of the glory of God, but we are washed in the blood and He has taken on all of our sins.

As Denise said, we need to be alert for there are false prophets among us. I have been approached by false prophets, but thank God for my grandmother, who taught me about His Word and His ways. Thank God for a mother who, to this day, answers questions that I have.

Continue stepping up on your soapbox, Sis. I love it when you do. You teach me so much.

Happy Mother's Day. May God send you sunshine, the fragrance of roses and all the precious pearls that life holds.