Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why Bother? HA!

We have been praying for some really big things lately.
And as time is getting closer to us thinking we need an answer sooner than later--I have begun to wonder what is up.
I know He hears us. I know that He is up to something.
But what?
I love the way Mrs Elliot ends this devotional. If you have a moment to read-please do.

Author: Elisabeth Elliot
Source: Keep A Quiet Heart
Scripture Reference: 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 Matthew 7:11

The Weapon of Prayer

News came one day which indicated that a matter I had been praying about had deteriorated rather than improved. "What good are my prayers, anyway?" I was tempted to ask. "Why bother? It's becoming a mere charade." But the words of Jesus occurred in my Bible reading that very morning (and wasn't it a good thing I'd taken time to hear Him?): "If you, bad as you are, know how to give your children what is good for them, how much more will your heavenly Father give good things to those who ask him?" (Matthew 7:11, NEB).

Are you as often tempted as I am to doubt the effectiveness of prayer? But Jesus prayed. He told us to pray. We can be sure that the answer will come, and it will be good. If it is not exactly what we expected, chances are we were not asking for quite the right thing. Our heavenly Father hears the prayer, but wants to give us bread rather than stones.

Prayer is a weapon. Paul speaks of the "weapons we wield" in 2 Corinthians 10:4-5. They are "not merely human, but divinely potent to demolish strongholds" (NEB). The source of my doubts about its potency that morning was certainly not the Holy Spirit. It was the unholy spirit, the Destroyer himself, urging me to quit using the weapon he fears so intensely.

"It was the unholy spirit, the Destroyer himself, urging me to quit using the weapon he fears so intensely."

That above is what hit me the most. satan brings doubt and discouragement and we begin to think that we should just give up. After all.....nothing is happening??????
Nothing that we can see with our physical eyes!!

Our enemy is such a liar and he knows how to play us.

He fears............ so he hits us with the fear of the unseen and unknown.
If we will give up he thinks he will win.

Will we let him win?

Thank you for walking through me with this. I am working this thing out in prayer. God is providing the tools to FIGHT..........I will use them.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes God is doing a new thing!! Do not give up! Your Blessing is right around the corner and when Satan puts the pressure on, you know you are close! So STAND and PRAISE!! I will keep praying:)
Love ya,

luvmy4sons said...

My heart could so relate as I read your post. I feel have been there so many times..and you would think I could learn the lesson once then trust...but the enemy never gives up. I too must not let him discourage me and doubt my God. THIS is the definitoin of walking by fiath and not by sight! Oh, but when my faith shall be sight! Can't wait. Thanks for sharing your struggle with us! You are not alone!

Bev Brandon said...

I love these dear words by Elisabeth---she was one of my mentors!

I saw you were giving away free cooking lessons---ha ha! ---and if anyone from Louisiana is a former chef....I WILL SO BE THERE...and are you going to bring me some crawfish to the Siesta Fiesta????!!!!!!! I'll take any food from you---if you do a giveaway, you must email me first. You know you can ship crawfish. JUST KIDDING!!! Crawfish is my favorite food in the whole world!!!

Denise said...

I so understand walking in faith.. Not seeing anything or any glimpse of what I am asking of the Lord.. I have laid in my floor and night and cried before the Lord for many many hours and days and months... I have doubted that He even heard.... and yes it is the job of the enemy to try to get us to stop.... It is the the times that the heaven sounds most silent that God is fixing to move mountains... We pray.. we believe.. then we wait.... Faith is on the move...

I am praying specfic prayers for you and your family and I am praying prayers that only God knows you need...

love ya!!

Anonymous said...

I had given up praying for many things and many folks to be honest with you. I just didn't feel qualified to pray anymore. I'm on the healing road, slowly but surely. One prayer at a time!I appreciated your post tonight. It helped actually!

MelanieJoy said...

Funny (or not hmmm)I had a thought today about praying and was going to ask you about it...I'll catcha tomorrow though it's late.
I'm so anxious to see how He's going to answer the prayers we've been praying with you....Hang in there He's listening and already has it waiting. Still standing in the gap! Love you~

Sandi said...

I have been praying for something for over 10 years before it was answered. I guess all along the answer was wait. I also seen those "last minute" answers too.
Keep praying

Denise said...

Never stop praying sis, and I am holding you up in my prayers also. God is listening.

Melanie said...

Oh wow- I have said this "What good are my prayers, anyway?... Why bother? It's becoming a mere charade." way too many times.

I definitely needed this post.

Halfmoon Girl said...

This echoes some teaching at church yesterday. Satan has already lost- he knows it. We do not need to fear him. BUT we do need to recognize all his lies and hold them up against the Truth, 'cause he will try to trip us up there. Great post Sharon!

BunnyGirl said...

Ah Sharon, you must have read my mind yesterday. I was thinking about this very thing, giving up because nothing I could see was changing. It hadn't occurred to me that this would be an ideal way for the devil to get me to quit praying. Just cos I can't see an answer doesn't mean God isn't answering it.
Thanks for this honey and keep on keeping on.

Mary said...


I would walk anywhere with you, my dear friend. I will climb mountains with you and trudge through dark valleys. I will hold you up to the Lord in your time of need.

Yes, satan is a LIAR and he will try to lead you off the path of faith, so stand strong, my friend. Praying for you and your situation.

Blessings and hugs,

freetofly said...

Such truth and such wisdom & so timely, my friend! And we all said a great big, from the bottom of the heart AMEN!

Thanks for the update, I was wondering how things are looking on the homefront....praying again and still!

God bless!

Alisun@ABrookeInTheForest said...

Walking in my own path also and these words are so familiar to my heart too; I hear the same lying words from the devil. I needed to have the encouragement from this today.
Thank you my sister!

Pastor Lisa said...

You are so coming out with the victory...