Thursday, April 24, 2008

Drowning?? Daddy God is coming!

When I was a little girl we lived in New Orleans.
I am not sure when but at some point our parents became friends
with a family that lived across the lake out in the country.
They had a huge beautiful wooden house-the husband was a lawyer in New Orleans--surrounded by lots of property.
It was a magical place to go on the weekends to get away from the city.
There was a huge wood burning fireplace-that is probably where I got my love for fireplaces.
They also had a table that seated their six and our six--now that is a table.
I remember sitting around the table after we ate--everybody talking and enjoying the company.
In my dream home I have a fireplace like that and a table like that.
I would love to see it filled with those in ministry.
A place that would fill their stomachs and refresh their souls.

One of the other things on their property was a huge pond-or it was when I was little-and it had an island in the middle.
We would swim out as far as we could and then swim back.
I don't know who else was present on this particular day but
I think Mom and Dad were the only adults there.
Mom never learned how to swim when she was growing up--although she did learn a little when we were in our teen years.
So Dad was sitting on the side bank with Mom watching me swimming back and forth.
I had gone across and was on my way back when I realized I could go no further.
I remember the panic I felt--I don't remember if I called out before I went down the first time.
But, I do remember coming up and looking at the shore.
I knew that someone was watching and he would come.
The last thing I remember was seeing Dad tossing off his shoes and removing his wallet and then as if by magic ----he was there.
I don't remember much from that point on--but I do remember feeling safe.
In the last few days I have felt like I was drowning.
My strength had carried me and with the events that transpired--that was quickly sapped.
Just like that little girl--I knew my Daddy God saw me going down...and I hoped
He would come to the rescue.
He did.
Tuesday night I picked up the mail and found out that we were being sued.
Keith lost a wheel barrel out of the back of his truck on the way to a job and it has caused an accident. This happened back in March of last year.
The letter from our insurance company told us that we might want to have our own lawyer available in case the amount being asked for was more than our insurance covered. !!!!!
My heart sunk.
Then Wednesday morning I got a collect call from the jail in town from our son.
Every mothers nightmare call. And yes, with the things we have been through with Michael it was a very real fear of mine.
It was not really a serious matter. He had an outstanding ticket that he had gotten for playing his music too loud in his truck. They stopped him for having a light out and when they pulled him up on the computer and saw it--they arrested him.
Many things began to take place where we could see the hand of God working.
He is now out--and yes, he learned some huge lessons that we pray will stick forever in his mind.
We have been trying to get him to enlist in the military-both his Dad and I think this will be good for him. Because of this--he will be enlisting. We consider this an answer to prayer.

This morning I finally got the insurance guy to call me back-after having already talked to our lawyer--and he told me
that what the people are asking is actually less than what our coverage limit is.
Praise God!
And he actually apologized for sending me the form letter he sent me-!!!!!!!!! :0 -and said that he was sorry that it had upset me.
No, I don't know why someone would be upset to get a letter that advised them to get a lawyer because someone was suing them possibly for more than their insurance would cover.
So the contents of the letter were not even totally true--but God was using it in my life.

One thing that I will admit is that both of the above situations have been fears that I have had.
I believe that God allowed both of these things to happen
so that I would have to face the fears that I have always thought would be my undoing.
In my fear and panic--I did think I was going under for the last time.
But, I was never out of my Daddy Gods sight.
He knew exactly what was necessary to make me face those fears--False.Evidence.Appearing.Real---and then show me that
He is my protector and comforter.
The circumstances did not take me under for the last time.
And during this time there were sweet songs placed in my subconscious by Him
to remind me of His love and His presence. The last two morning they were playing loud and clear in my mind when I woke up. I was being serenaded by the Holy Spirit. How cool is that?

God does not resolve things in the thirty minute time slots like on T.V.
But He tells us that He is working on our behalf--
that He is our defender.
That He cares for each of His children tenderly.

I thank Him for the lessons learned. I also thank Him for taking ammunition out of the hands of my enemy. He can no longer hold those things in my face and strike terror in my heart.
I can now say, BEEN THERE, DONE THAT----Not going back!


Halfmoon Girl said...

This post touched me. My heart sank when I read of your legal problems and especially when you mentioned your son- and sang when I read how God took care of things. I have lessons to learn in this area too, Sharon, and appreciate you sharing this. I loved your acronym for FEAR- I will remember that when panic overtakes me!

Denise said...

God is so amazing, love you sis.

Karen said...

Intense stuff Sharon. What a woman of faith you are, holding on in the eye of the storm to the one who will lead you through this fire and through these high waters. Breaking fears, revealing his bigger plan. Oh it's so hard to trust, especially (talking to self here) when you try to sort it all out yourself, and then it gets bigger, much bigger - and God has the answer, the pathway, is trustworthy. We went through some deep waters as a family 2005-2006 more than one thing, slam, slam after another and just when we thought we could bear no more - God directed us a complete 180 degrees that changed the course of events dramatically and was and is sooo God! So much more than we could have asked or hoped for in such circumstances. Nothing can separate you all from his love, nothing, no one. Praying for Holly too, to get heaps better fast!

Denise said...

I just posted this on my blog tonight and then came over here to catch up with you..... Oh how the enemy rages! How he screams and yells and speaks fear into our minds....... He roars and growls and flashes his teeth and when all the time he is a coward with his tail between his legs in a corner because the Father God is standing between the child of God and the toothless enemy.... I will pray for you my friend and your son..... The Father God has such a love for him and his future is tightly held by the one that created him..

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? As it is written: "For Your sake we are killed all day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter." Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. (Romans 8:35-37)

StaceyStace said...

I just found you through Marie's blog. I love this post. The enemy's roar is very loud sometimes, but our Father's strength and power are not one bit lessened by it.

Karen said...

I mean't to say praying for Julia! Not sure why I said Holly. Something about being over 40, I get confused...

Cahleen 何凱琳 said...

Wow! So much has happened, but God has been faithful through it all. Thanks for sharing how God is answering your prayers! The encouragement is much needed. =)

Anonymous said...

I tried to email you but it bounced back for some reason. If you venture this way, I'd love to get with you. Mind dropping me a line so I can "reply" with what I wanted to tell you? Thanks!

Nise' said...

Amen and praise His name! He is the lifter of our heads. Early this week I had been directed one way or another to the same scripture and the thought tried to come through, Oh no! What is going to happen now! But, stopped it with it doesn't matter, God is in control and will take care of me!

Pastor Lisa said...


Thank God for his faithfulness to you and your family! He is so awesome. And prayers for Michael as he enters the military. I pray he is better, stronger and wiser for the experience. I pray He really comes to know the Father!

I am so happy for you!

Happy Dance!

freetofly said...

You are such a strong person of faith! You and Keith together are such a dynamic team! There is so much in here it boggles the mind to grasp it all...but the upshot is God is good, faithful and at work on your behalf. An attempt to make you quail with fear...and to steal your praise and break your faith (which connects you to God) and the enemy LOST!

I hate that you had to live this. But, LOVE to be able to hear and see how God didn't let you drown! I mean of course He wouldn't, but sometimes our hearts DO fear...this testimony helps us all draw strength - bc what He did for you, He will do for us...

I could hear your heart about Michael, so like my heart for mine. Rejoicing that it wasn't worse and that he has learned a great know, PART of his lesson, is that You and Keith were there for him. He has his fears too, and you were there showing him love...that reaches SO FAR.

Praying for him as he makes this journey in the military. Please extend our sincere respect and appreciation to him for what he is chosing to do four our country. We will pray fro him regularly...

Love to you!

P.S. praying for Julia's quick recovery also!

eph2810 said...

Wow - what a testimony to His faithfulness, Sharon. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with this post (but then again - you always share your heart)...
I have to remember what fear stands for - I have never heard it - love it.

Thank you again for sharing your heart - I needed to read it this morning before heading off to work.

Be blessed today and always...

Anonymous said...

I'm just catching up with your news, and may heart sank when I started to read what you have been going through. Praise the Lord for bringing you and yours safely through these deep waters.