Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Silent NO more!

This morning caught me listening to Joyce Meyers again.
I really think she is a great speaker that most can understand no matter where they are
in their relationship with God.
You don't need to know and love Greek or Hebrew to enjoy her.
Today the topic reminded me of a really cool thing I had heard by Beth Moore.
Today they were talking about how important it is to open our mouth and speak the word out loud. How the atmosphere changes when The Word is spoken-not in our minds but OUT LOUD.
They mentioned that when the Holy Spirit lead Jesus into the wilderness and satan met Him there---Jesus opened His mouth and refuted the lies satan spoke.
Satan spoke lies and Jesus spoke back--OUT LOUD-- with the WORD OF GOD.

Daily we have lies that are fed us either by people in our lives, by the media, or by our own thoughts spurred on by our enemy.
We don't have to know the whole Bible to be able to open our mouth.
But, we do need to know some. And we don't have to worry about not remembering it-- because The Word tells us that the Holy Spirit will remind us of what we need to remember.
But...........don't you just hate that word?.............but, why is it so often that I don't open my mouth. Instead I turn tail and run. Not quite what The Word means when we are told to flee evil. :) God is teaching me to open my mouth.

I think the most incredible example given of why we should open our mouths was given by Beth Moore. I hope that I can retell it so that you get the biggest impact.

Beth was retelling a conversation that a Mom had had with her son.
The little boy was talking to his Mom about hearing God speaking to him.
His Mom asked him to tell her what God spoke to him. The little boy was a little frustrated because he told his Mom that when he heard God speak--he knew it was God speaking-
but when he repeated those words out loud it just sounded like his little voice.

I have had the same experience. I would get so excited about something that God had spoken to me but then when I opened my mouth to retell--it just sounded so flat.

Beth then talked about the importance of opening our mouth and speaking the word.
Now here is the punch.
She said when we open our mouth and speak The Words of God we sometimes hesitate because
coming from our mouth it sounds so puny. But, the truth is-- that when we speak the words of God--that is exactly what satan hears. In other words- the word that is alive and active comes to him just like God is speaking it. He knows the authority of the words.

Picture this.
Satan is on the attack. My mind is awash with self doubt and fear. I am becoming worried and stressed. Then from deep in my spirit I hear--I have not given you the spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind.
Hmmm.......yes I think, that is truth and I feel so much better.
For a little while.
Then the thoughts come back again..stronger.
The thought crosses my mind that I should open my mouth and speak the truth. The only problem is that deep inside I think--what power do my words have to fight off satan?
And words won't scare off satan.
But, when I open my mouth and speak the Word's of God---that is exactly what satan hears.
Satan hears the voice of God, and knows the power of God behind those words .
God promises that His words will not come back void--would that not work when it comes to chasing off our enemy?
His words are sharper than any two edged sword--it cuts things apart.
When that Word is used in our lives it changes us.
When we use it on him(our enemy)--it brings about the end of his power.
So I open my mouth and say---
"Satan you are a liar!
My God says, I was not given a spirit of fear-- but a Spirit that is powerful, full of love and on top of that I was given a sound mind.
The mind of CHRIST!
And He
says, His perfect love casts out all fear!
Thank you Jesus that You SAY--the TRUTH will set us Free!"

Ready to open your mouth?


luvmy4sons said...

Yes! Yes! Amen sister! So often we do not fight our battles where they need to be fought. Satan is not omniscient. He cannot read our thoughts. We need to fight him OUT LOUD with our weapons...the WORD! Resist him and he will flee from you! OUT LOUD! Amen...if only I would follow my own advice and yours more often! Love this!

Tiffany said...

I so love this post! Very uplifting! This is exactly why I speak scripture over my little ones every day and night. -Blessings to you!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Great reminder here Sharon. Thank you for this- I need to more vigilant in rebuking my thoughts out loud!

freetofly said...

Oh how I LOVE His Word, His Ways! I LOVE that we can open our mouths and LET FREEDOM RING!

Love this! I have so far to go, but I am learning here. It takes a lot of discipline, interesting that that is a fruit of The Spirt, meaning it is not a strength we possess on our own!

Let Freedom Ring, Sister-Girl!

Anonymous said...

I love Joyce and Beth!! They are Mighty women of God!!
Sharon you also are a MIGHTY women of God!! Have a Blessed Easter my friend:) love ya

Anonymous said...

Amen, preach it, sister!

One of our common phrases that we say in our home is: "Words Have Power!" My children remind each other of this and we mean it!! It's biblical.