Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A meandering post

O.K--don't laugh. Sorry the quality is not better--I had to take a picture of a picture. Guess I should get Keith to get me on for my birthday.
Yes, it is a Keith and I. And why ???? you ask am I posting a picture of my engagement picture when it is not anywhere near my anniversary?
Weeeeell-because Jan over at Shore Stories is hosting her pay it forward that she won a while back. First she said you just had to comment to enter---but then she did the most horrible thing.........She asked for a picture from high school. Eeewwwww!
But fortunately for me all of my old pictures are in storage. Honest!
So since this picture was taken in 1988--probably when most of you were in high school or grade school..or horror, maybe before you were born.......yes, I feel old------I asked if I could use my engagement picture. As you can see I was given approval.
Don't you feel blessed?
Now..............if you want to get in on the fun and enter the pay it forward-------ya gotta have a picture. First post a picture and then go over to Shore Stories and let her know.
She will only draw names from those who live in the US or Canada and she will do it on the 17th of this month. So run and get those pictures-----and then POST them!
I will be coming to see them.

Part TWO of this meandering post!

Since today is STILL the humorous weather day I thought I would show ya'll what my crew has been up to. As it was sooooo hot outside the other day (70).... Julia decided that it was plenty warm to get into the pool. Notice- no Mom in these pictures. Wise Mom.
Dad knowing what was waiting went and got his diving wet suit on. Julia stood quite a while on the diving board--unsure of her decision.

During the summer Keith usually keeps only the mustache--my favorite. But during the winter because of hunting and working outside he grows the grisly adams look. As you can see it seems to be rebelling the idea of being confined. Notice he is flexing his muscles for me.

Julia on the right in mid air---below---Julia 10 seconds later scurrying out of the pool.
Mister man in black never got in. :)

Part three of the meandering post.

Many of you know that I used to be a Chef in a former life.
No, just kidding-- well about the former life anyway. ;)
So... my friend Tracy has taken upon herself to make sure I stay on tract with all kinds of gadgets for the kitchen. I do miss the creativity but not the stress. The other day she sent me a gadget that looked like a long pickle for. But it had these strange wires on the sides. Today I found out it was not for pickles at all--it is for cheese. The wire cuts the cheese and then you use the fork on the end to pick up the cheese. Pretty cool.
And then next she gave me a kiwi scoop.
I don't really eat kiwi that often so I found that you could use it for cucumbers.
While talking this morning we found we were fixing the same thing for dinner.
She in Georgia and me in Louisiana. Great minds still think alike.
So I thought I would show her a picture of dinner--Red Beans and brown rice with venison sausage and whole wheat bread. Also we had salad and I used the kiwi scoop on the cucumber.
Aren't you proud of me Tracy?

This is the end of posting for today! Yes, I have to go study. I am being very bad.
I hope I can think of something serious for tomorrow.
Ha!--like that will be hard.


Halfmoon Girl said...

Did I miss something? What are you studying for?

You have a brave girl there.

Love the engagement photo. You had the perfect 80's do! What a cute couple!

Dee said...

Love the pic! Our engagement was in 1985 -- a similar pic. I'll take a pic of it -- don't have my scanner YET. Brrr on the swimming. We have a swimming pass but haven't used it much this winter -- we'd planned to but surgery and colds took over. Grrrr. D

Denise said...

Such a great picture, you two make a really cute couple.

Cindy said...

I love the photo! Somehow seeing these old pics makes me happy! :)

luvmy4sons said...

Adorable couple! Well, I can safely say I WAS not born in 1988. We were married in 1984! I am older than you I think! Love the meandering post. 70 degrees? I would kill for 70 degrees. Well, no I wouldn't but it is 16 degrees here! The high to be 27 and we have ICE everywhere! Brrrr!

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's me Tracy. I couldn't remember the userid you gave me. Glad you could use the gadgets. I got distracted and did't finish chopping etc. in time for the beans to cook an appropriate time. We ended up having steak and "potato surprise". I wasn't thrilled with the surprise. I should know better than to try and get creative like you. I have always loved that picture! Since I knew Keith in high school, it is so cool to see him as in my old memories. Even though I didn't know you then, I always love to look at your beautiful smile. I like the matchy, matchy look for the two of you. Call me AFTER you study (or before if you need a little push).



Nicki said...

I love that picture!!! You two are SO sweet!! And What on earth is up with your girly?? Jumping in the pool in Feb?? I know it was 70 and all but......brrrr. =)

I'll have to look through my pics to see if I have anything to participate in this one, it looks like fun!! =)

Edge of Design said...

What a beautiful picture! You look great together. Our latest attempt at the pool? It was 80 degrees Saturday so we figured we'd attempt swimming. Suited up, we couldn't wait for swimming season. Stuck a toe into the water, determined it was still way too cold and went back home. I'm not kidding. I think we'll wait until it's consistently 90 and try again.

Denise said...

Got to get going this morning but wanted you to go get little graphic I created this morning after getting your friendship week email.............. Take is and share it around..........

I will let you know how Dr visit goes today.!!!!! Yeah finally going to get this figured out.....

Andrea said...

What a cute couple!!
And WOW about Julia.
How fun to have a pool (well, in summer anyway!)

Alisun@ABrookeInTheForest said...

I love to look at couple pictures and see how "we" looked in the 80's. My hair was much higher and oh ya remember the sun in stuff to make it blond "orange" and I thought I was cool.

Our pool has no water just ice one big solid ice chuck Skating?

Cool gadget, I love to have fun with food. My daughter and I are going to make candies for her Valentine’s Day party at school tomorrow.

Cahleen 何凱琳 said...

I love the picture of your husband in the wet suit!