Friday, February 15, 2008

Earth Day--for a Princess

She opened the door when a knock she did hear. Looking down from the stoop, there was nobody near. But on the step a box- so cheerfully wrapped- the bright paper and bow gave her a laugh. She picked up the box and was glad it was light; to stand back up had taken all her might. Back inside, she sat on the couch with a sigh. It had been a rough year, and that was a truth she could not deny.
With the box in her lap, she shook it once and then twice.
She sure hated to open it; it was wrapped up so nice. Carefully removing the most delicate bow she cut away at the tape until the paper fell to the floor. In her lap, all that was left was a brown paper box, but her heart missed a beat when she noticed the crown on top. The tape closure gone, the lid rose slightly up, as if the contents of the box could not wait to be touched.
Clenching her hands, she wondered at such. Was this the gift for which she had been told to trust. A strong gust of wind came through the open door, answering her question as it pushed the lid to the floor. And for the first time since that little girl dared to dream, she lovingly looked down on her secret it seemed. Holding her breath, she withdrew the most glorious dress, it floated on air- it was heaven's best.
At the bottom of the box, a sparkle caught her eye; it was a crown just too beautiful to be describe. For her feet were the most delicate slippers around, if you could even imagine them touching the ground.
On the very bottom- a folded note, and she confidently recognized in who's
hand it was wrote.

~It said~

On this day
This gift would not be delayed,
It has been waiting for you
To see yourself

Through my eyes portrayed.

I planned it that way
So you would know in your heart

My love for you was there from the start.
The world regards beauty
As something to behold

I desire a beauty that cannot be sold.
Now that you know
You are a child of the King

It is time for me to fulfill a few of your heavenly dreams.
To the little girl in you
That I desire never to grow up

May you know when you wear this dress
You'll never be playing, dress up.

To My princess, your faith has been made sight.

To my fellow sister princesses out there--have a beautiful weekend.
Keep those dresses clean! ;)


vicaragekate said...

Oh! Sooo beautiful!

freetofly said...

This is so pretty! Very pretty! Valentine's must have agreed with you! :)

Something is going on good inside of us when we can readily draw up that creativity, the beauty that He puts within us!

Great stuff, Sharon!

Mimi's Toes said...

Wow...So beautifully said. You have a talent girl for writing.

luvmy4sons said...

Oh dear sister. It is such a blessing to know you!

Denise said...

You are a poet....... for sure.. or is a poetess....... hahahha but that was beautiful....... and hey... I need a jpeg lesson on how to keep the background transparent? I hate the white around my graphic? any help here?


jason said...
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Mary said...


This is awesome. You've touched my heart. What a beautiful way to say Happy Valentine to your sisters. The poem is lovely and you have been blessed with a talent for poetry. Keep writing, my friend. I would like to see more of this.

Love and blessings,

Nise' said...

Just beautiful. The tears had just stopped after reading Shannon and Sophie's entries about their Compassion Trip and now they have started again! You have a gift my friend and it brings Him glory!

MelanieJoy said...

Wow Sharon that was beautiful.

Denise said...

You have a gift of writing, and a gift of making my heart smile. I love you.

Lisa said...

'Tis loverly! :o)

Now... About keeping my dress clean... ROFL!

Melanie said...

That is beautiful- you've brought tears to my eyes... again!

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

that made my Little Red Heart just melt...

How I love being HIS princess... His Daughter... His Child..



Deb said...

You my friend are so precious in his sight!!, love ya:)

Denise said...

I have read your post again and it touches my heart more today than yesterday.... what a special gift you are................

Be blessed this Sunday.........

Edge of Design said...

RYC: Yeah! I guess my brain gets a little weird at times especially when it comes to puns. We've taught our daughter to pun and at the rate she's going, she's going to far surpass me. She's pretty sharp already!

It looks like you're in for storms today. YIKES! Stay safe!

SunnySusan said...

Absolutly awesome my friend and fellow princess.....