Friday, February 8, 2008

Deliver me from the great outdoors!

Hunting Season is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And...... that should mean that until the dreaded time next year we could safely say goodbye to all things hunting.
Yeah right!
Where do you go on a Friday night when you hubby is a hunter and outdoors person? That is right we are going to join the masses at the Bass Pro Shop opening.
The home of all things outdoors!

I know that I have just gotten back from throughly enjoying some time in the great outdoors-----But, can I now cry UNCLE??

(And yes in the picture below, I actually have legs--but, my husbands camo pants are making them disappear.
Maybe this is not such a bad thing ;)
It is time to return to the world of the feminine.
How much can one take of ......camo.......guns.......stuffed dead animals.......etc??????

Just a few days ago we were in a Bass Pro on the way to the mountains.
And just for your info~ if you have never been in one of these delightful outdoor places.... I will fill you in---they all have the same things!!!!!!

But, because I know that this makes my hubby happy.....I will go. (sigh)
So......if you see a woman--who is walking around with a pained expression on her face(a look not so foreign from the ones found on the faces of most teenagers)-----rescue me PLEASE!!!!!!
But, if our paths do not meet , if all else fails..................maybe I'll just pass the time by---- looking for a new pair of shoes.
And NO.....they won't have any camo on them.
And they will not have been made to be worn in the mud. :)


Mary said...


I have never been to a Bass Pro shop, but I've heard they're really something. I have looked online, but would love to browse in one.

I'm glad you had such a great vacation.

Thanks for posting on my show and tell Friday post. Michelle has her gifts and loved them and we had tea together with the boys - they had chocolate milk. So, now they are having Chinese and cake for supper. She had a wonderful day.


MelanieJoy said...

I like the Bass Pro shop. A visit once every now and then is nice.
I use to be big into that hunting...thought oneday I might marry a man that would be a hunter....hahaha. My hunting days now consist of a camera in my dad's ground blind =) We have a Bass Pro up here in Shreveport you guys need to come pay it a visit...we might run into each other then ;)

luvmy4sons said...

I am so glad I have no hunters or serious fishermmen for that matter. The testosterone level in my home is bad enough...and thankfully I like football. You are the WOMAN to do so much with/for hubby. You know there is the convenient thing of a terrible headache! Just kidding! LOL!

Regina said...

Luckily my sons are the sport enthusiasts (football) so no great outdoors activity needed!!

BunnyGirl said...

Good to have you back, sweetie, you were missed.

I loved those pictures from your last post. Like you, I love the sound of water so I'm pretty happy that I live on a small island where the sea is only 5-10 mins away tops. Like you, I love nature and if there is one way that God can grab my attention, its through the beauty of nature.

Glad you had a great time and pleased your back safe

Karen said...

I have no experience of hunting at all, so I am fascinated reading about it all. Apparently a lot of folk like to hunt in New Zealand as well. Have you seen my post with the 'fake' magazine covers? It's from earlier this week. I can just see you or hubby in your camo, hunting gear, on a sports illustrated or national geographic. What fun! Missed you and your posts.

Denise said...

I really missed your posts while you were gone, you always make me smile. I love you.

Deb said...

You crack me up!! what we wont do for our men Right?? love ya, glad your back:)

Denise said...

How funny you are......... My husbands folks once lived in Springfield Mo... Home of the BASS PRO original......... I was so excited to go there ONCE!!!!!! Went there once...... I it was so full of testosterone that I was afraid that I would grow a beard!!! hahahhah It was ok... ONCE I have never been back. But I love the new fashion statement........ I need a pair of camo's Can you wear those with a black leather pump................ahahhahah


Denise said...

p.s. I am going to go try the fortune mag. thing.. that is too cute... and I do have a bunch of Sharon's... I have to put last names or nicknames to keep you all straight at first.. Now I recognize the little pictures.. or whatever they are called...


Jessie said...

We like the Bass Pro Shop...but we don't hunt, fish, or camp. Now how weird is that?? *grin*