Saturday, January 5, 2008

Watching my speed for His names sake

Friday is one of the days that Paw Paw and I go to see Granny at the nursing home. It is about 45 minutes from our house--a long quiet ride.
Usually I try and play some music or and always do some thinking.
I try and watch my speed because I am a stickler about that.
No, I don't always stay right on the mark but not much over it.(Not perfect yet)
Yesterday on the way out into the country I noticed that there was a growing number of cars behind me. I looked down at my speedometer to see if maybe in my day dreaming I had gotten off the mark--nope, 57 (see I am not perfect) ;).
And yet, the cars behind me grew. Now, I don't know about ya'll----- but it was a kind of an uncomfortable feeling for me.
I know how I tend to think when I get behind someone not doing the speed limit. And really, why someone would feel that 40 or 45 is fine when the speed limit is 55 (70 on major highways)----I don't understand! Yes, it urks me.
Back to the point.
At this time there are at least 8 cars following close behind me. And we are out in the middle of nowhere. I did think about speeding up. But then I thought, why should I break the law just because someone else does not care. And hey-maybe the fact that they have to slow down might just change their future.
It might just stop a major accident. Who knows.
But, because I am a person who does not by nature want to urk anyone--it was a tad uncomfortable for me.
Eventually the road straightened out and those who wanted to pass did.
Who am I kidding?
Everyone passed. :)
Then I started thinking how that situation resemble my Spiritual drive through life lately.
(yes, that is how my brain works)
I have been recently pondering how I had gotten off tract spiritually.
I think it is very important to evaluate these things and learn from them.
We know that there are guidelines set in place by God to keep us safe and within His will.
We also know that we can seemingly step over some of the lines and not experience the effects of the sin. Or so we think.
Yet, if God says this far and no further and I decide to take one more step--that is sin.
And if God tells me to only think on things that are pure and lovely
and I choose not to--
Sin. Ouch.
Lately looking back I know that I have stepped over the line.
Not watching certain things on T.V had been the norm in my spiritual walk. I am not talking even about R rated programs--just things that I know Jesus would not sit there and watch with me. Then the line began to blur. Others were watching and I thought- well, I'll just sit here and piddle on my computer. And, before I knew it, my mind was engaging with what was on the T.V.
There are so many other examples I could use.
This is just the easiest.
We look around at the body of Christ and they are moving forward doing things we know we should not do and so we feel uncomfortable taking the stand we know is right.
Kind of like those people riding on my bumper.
Maturity says, I will do what I know is right no matter what.
But, I--- in my self "centeredness" choose to follow along-be pushed along.
I say self centered because when I say yes to me and worldly desires--I am saying NO to the Spirit.
When I slip--others will slip too. People are always watching us. I am part of the spiritual protection for my children. When I step over the line I remove some of that protection.

But if I am willing to keep the line in my life and not step over it-others will eventually join me.

Bottom line----I want to be on His side. I want to walk through this year holding His hand.
Job made a covenant with his eyes.
King David should have.

God has already drawn a line for me. It is very clear.
Getting my patoot back on His side of the line even as I speak.
Driving at His speed no matter how many people are riding on my bumper.


Nise' said...

Like the new look. I am ashamed to say that I would be the one behind you annoyed; wanting to go faster. That issue has always been the hardest to surrender in order to be a good example for my kids and others around me!

Denise said...
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Denise said...

Amen sweet sis, keep driving along in Gods lane.

freetofly said...

Sharon, Wow! This is so good. I too have struggled over things (just this past 2 years or so) that I feel convicted about, yet, it surrounds me on every turn among my brothers and sisters in Christ. And when you are raising a teen, (for the 2nd time) you start to wonder if you have become a stale old "religous" (I don't know how you feel about that word, but, it is akin to a curse word to me) fuddy-duddy, not living a fragrant life that attracts joy was leaking...

But, I spent the last 14 months or so, embracing where He has me, how He leads me. I like you, am trying not to speed! :)

Great post, Sharon!

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

was that my toes you stepped on.... yep...

ah come on just this once...

I was on the phone recently talking to the doctor about one of my patients that was dying... and not paying attention...yep, I was speeding... not only did I notice, so did the little policeman on the nice little motorcycle.. he pulled me over...I had to make him wait a second while the doctor finished giving me an order.. I bet the cop loved that...

Now at one time in my life, I would have milked this...
But I looked at him and said, "I was speeding and I am sorry." I think I shocked him. I handed him my licenses and insurance.. then he handed them back and said, "Slow down"


Honesty, there is no other way..


Monkey Giggles said...

Wonderful post.

Dee said...

Great reminder! We all stray -- what's that line "prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love. Here's my heart, o take and seal it, seal it for Thy courts above!" D

the mother of this lot said...

Good luck staying on the right side of the line!

Deb said...

YES! YES! Jesus take the wheel!! thanks Sharon:)

Edge of Design said...

I like that you drew a parallel using speeding in traffic. We do compromise and before you know it some worldliness has crept into our lives. It's never been with malicious intent just not paying enough attention and guarding our hearts with all diligence. Thanks for stirring us up to wake up.

Theresa said...

OMIGOODNESS!! Ouch!Ouch!Ouch! Thanks for the wake up call. I need to go brush off my "lines in the sand" and then get myself back on the right side of them!!

Praise and Coffee said...

Great post Sharon.
God's standards don't move like the worlds do.

Keep driving the right speed friend!!


Denise said...

Lord make the line that you have drawn for me more defined and get my attention........

great post

Sharon Lynne said...

Thanks for the visit. I enjoyed your post!

I also read a previous post about learning Multiplication. I work as an instructional aide in Special Education. It's really hard for some kids to memorize. But they will just takes longer.

Sometimes I spread the multiplication flash cards out on the floor--like a board game. We roll a dice and hop practice.

I just found some Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella--non-boring flashcards at the 99 cent store. I work with 4th grade I'm looking forward to showing the girls. I'm going to give them "special permission" to take 3 cards home per long as they can tell me the anwers the next day. I might be crazy, but I love teaching math. I wish I could come and help you!

SunnySusan said...

Wow Sharon

Great my attention...I too have let things go over the line...

Thank you Jesus for waking me up...

I love ya sis

Bev Brandon said...

I love your responsive heart to HIM.

The last policeman that stopped us for going a few over was on our way home from Beth Moore's Esther study. He wanted to know if we were drunk? Only on the Spirit. Obsessed with our good God. We're slowing down with you on the highway and off road. Brushing off that line in the sand...I liked that comment.

Kristy said...

Wonderful post.
I love when I come across a new blog like this - truly a treasure!
**insert happy content sigh here**
Blessings to you~
Kristy in Oregon

Lisa said...

Yup... Life in the fast lane just isn't what it's all about. ;o)

Regina said...

Hi Sharon,
Awesome post! Very profound. Blessings to you as you travel God's Highway!

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

I have something for you over at my place


Pastor Lisa said...

Confessions of a lead foot...I too would have been one of the folk who passed... sigh...

Great insight and life lesson for all of us.

Halfmoon Girl said...

This post caused me to think about the accident my hubby was in. He was not speeding, was not on his cel phone, and did nothing wrong. If he had been, I think he would have always wondered if things would have had a happier ending. I am so thankful for the care he takes while driving. I can tend to be a pre occupied lead foot- I get thinking or listening to music, and oops, i go over the limit. The way you related this to our spiritual walk was a great reminder. I too can feel swayed by what others are doing. Thanks Sharon. Glad you stopped by my blog today. I am feeling a little bereft and was wishing for some comments.

Jessie said...

O, amen! I'm with you.

I am also the same way when it comes to driving...*giggles*