Thursday, January 3, 2008

Need help

Julia is trying to learn her multiplication facts.
Who says we don't have to go back in time.
I hate math. I have a major math block. That thanks to a 4th grade teacher who thought ridicule was a great teaching method. Thank you Ms Spangle.
Anyhoo....I need some ideas to help teach her the facts.
I would love some rhymes or songs.
Something she could say in her head until she has them down pat.
I know you home school Moms have some good ideas.
So pass the goodies on.



Amy said...

ewww unfortunately I can't help ya there in the Math department. Maybe this will be a great time of spiritual growth for you two as you pray for miracles ;). (I'm only halfway glance at my math SAT scores should provide hope for anyone worried about college acceptance). Oh, and I changed my blog url so you can follow the link and find me here now, because I think it would be sad without it's Sharon visits ;).

Halfmoon Girl said...

Try this website- it offers some tips, and shows a math song set that one os my friens likes.

I have found that daily, short drills (3-5 minutes) work well, but the kids need to understand the patterns involved as well.

Jenny said...

Hi Sharon-Thank you so much for asking me for help! Unfortunately i don't have an answer but I know many women who might. I have a posted a request for advice on my homeschool blog so hopefully we'll get you some answers.


PS I'm glad to see you are feeling better and are back to up and around.

Andrea said...

I don't have any suggestions...but I have to say, I'm actually looking forward to when I can help the girls with homework. It'll be fun to re-learn things I have long since forgotten!

Good luck!!

eph2810 said...

Sorry - now help on rhymes from me - I am a calculator girl. Although I have started playing brain-age on my DS and it helps me to remember things much better. I need a little help with my age :)

eph2810 said...

I meant 'no' and not 'now' fat fingers tonight.

Lindsee said...

Hi Sharon!

See you VERY often in blogland, but thought I'd say hello!

I am an education major (graduating in May - Hallelujah!)and the only piece of advice I can give you on this, that is so NOT FUN, is to simply memorize the facts. I boring. But, for me that's what helped the most. (And I am AWFUL at math.) Start with the ones, then the two's (those are easy) then move up to three's, get the picture. Once they are all memorized, she'll use them so often, she won't forget them.

There are many "9" tricks. You may already know them...but like 9*7=63. 63=9. To get each "9" answer, take for instance 9*7, go one number below 7(which is 6) then for the next number, simply add a number till the whole # equals 9. (I have NO idea if that made ANY sense to you!) Let me put it this way: 9*9=81 (8 is one number below 9, then, add only 1, and 81=9)

9*8=72 (one # below 8, then add 2. 72=9)

9*7=63 (63=9)

9*6=54 (54=9)

9*5=45 (45=9)

And so on and so on....

So, if you already knew that trick, I wasted tons of time for you. So sorry. But, if not, give it a shot!

Hope this helps!!


Pamela said...

Hi, I just happened to see you comment about math on Andrea`s blog and thought I`d check you out. I am not really a math person either but I just found out this awesome trick for the 9 times tables and so I thought I`d share:

hold your hand out in front of you and number them starting at with one at your left pinky and ending with 10 on your right.

Now how it works:
if you want to find out what 9 times 3 is you tuck under the number 3 finger which is the middle finger on your left hand.
What you have is 2 digits on left and 7 digits on the right...the answer to 9 times 3 is 27!

Cool eh?

Denise said...

Sorry, cannot help you with this sis. How old am I? 16, or 44? Always get my numbers mixed up, lol

Nicki said...

(deep sighs......) MATH...yuck. I'm SO THANKFUL my husband is the math genius in our home, otherwise we'd be dishing out some serious cash for tutors!!!

I don't have any ideas of my own, but one thing I do remember from growing up is when I was learning them, my mom made me a chart and each time I successfully got through another set of facts I got a star on my chart, when I had completed all 12 times tables and my chart was filled she took me and bought me my first set of hot rollers! =) Yes, hair was my incentive!!

Anonymous said...

Wish I had some really great advice... Sotos kids have difficulties understanding math concepts because they are so abstract. This is our greatest homeschool challenge.

Anonymous said...

I am teaching Gr 4 math and am using the Alpha Omega. Dd learned multiplication last year and I know they had lots of drills. A concept I learned from Math U See is to ensure they understand what they are learning and not just memorize it. Multiplication is a short form of skip counting. If she grasps skip counting, you can branch out into multiplication from there. It's hard to condense things into a small comment. Perhaps you could check out the Math U See website?

try2bAsunbeam said...

Abeka does skip counting, then starts with the ones family (every number times one) then does the division by ones, then multiplication by twos, division by 2s, ect. They do drills, flashcards, games, to help. They focus alot on the fact that 2*3=3*2 and 6/3=2 and 6/2=3
A lot of times they show a picture of something similar to a domino and ask what 4 math facts go with the domino. That helps the little ones keep the similar facts together.

Dee said...

We used this

It had some worthwhile songs which helped w/ the skip counting. Multiplication tables are so important to know. I struggled w/ math as a child but you know, teaching math to my own kids was my favourite subject, probably because I finally understood it! It's so logical and is always the same, unlike English and some other subjects! D

Kate said...

I am EXCELLENT at math...even ended up in the financial industry. Unfortunately, the way I became good at my "times-tables" was to get in enough trouble that I would have to spend my recesses writing out my multiplication tables. By the end of the 3rd grade, I believe I was moving on to I wouldn't suggest that though.

Melanie said...

As someone with their degree in education- I have to say I don't think there is a fun way to learn multiplication. I think it's just memorization. You can always make the practice part into a game though- try a BINGO game- different numbers on the card and someone calls out multiplication see where I am going with this idea. I think you can come up with fun stuff like that for practice. I'm sure you can find tons of stuff on the internet to make the practice fun- but the actual learning the multiplication is really just memorization.

CrownLaidDown said...

I offer prayer...I love math, but I think it's one of those things that just passed down to me from my Dad. As far as teaching it? Well, I pray for the Lord to show you just the thing that is Julia's teaching/ learning love language.

SunnySusan said...


But the way Amy finally learned is just my memorizing and doing it over and over again....

I start on Monday and may be scarce for awhile until I get my rythmn.....

I love you sis