Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Just working out my faith with a little fear and a little contemplating

We are not human beings going through a
temporary spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings, going through a temporary human experience.

Can you say AMEN?
This is just temporary!
But we will live in eternity with the results of the choices we made while here.

This past year in my life has -with-out-a-doubt- shown me that I am human.
Areas in my life that I thought I had conquered --popped back up and became part of my life again. Yuck!
Things that I thought I would always have a grip on seemed to slip away
as if they had never been mine.
I began to think, toward the end of the year, that I really had never known myself.
It shook me up and really made me mad.
I was not going to go backward. I had worked to hard to get where I was. I had been doing everything I could to maintain. I maintain. That is me.
I like knowing who I am. And I need to know where I am going.
God decided He was going to knock all the props out from under me.
And He did that very successfully--I am currently sitting on my butt in the middle of my life.
Now I want to fix it. Fix the mistakes. Redo the tests and PASS the tests.
Like the lady above-- I could pull out the list and start checking it off.
But we all know that would lead to failure.

I decided to do a little contemplating. Backing up a few steps and talking to God at the beginning of this year before I get going again. A little fasting-- a little praying.
Clean the slate of all lingering things that stand between God and I.

I need to know why I got off tract. I guess I figure that the problem started out as a grain of sand and it became a bolder before I knew it.
So I am asking some questions.
I need to hear His voice the way I did before the train derailed. I want to anticipate getting up in the morning to experience life with Him. I miss the sweet presence of the Spirit.
It has been a tad dry as of late.
I miss the flow of His pure water.

Just doing a little contemplating.


Sandi said...

I am making the following verse my verse this year. Be Still and Know I am God.

Melanie said...

Oh dear- that comic could definitely be me. I need the reminder that this is temporary!

Monkey Giggles said...

Amen. Being still is hard for me. I must work on it daily. Thank you for the reminder.

Bev Brandon said...

you have a way with words

Kellan said...

I am a firm believer in that our life is a path and that that path leads straight to God and that sometimes we vere off the path and it is life's lessons that either help us to find our way again or not! This was an inspirational post, Sharon - thanks. Kellan

SunnySusan said...

Thanks for being so honest with your post..praying for ya sis

Edge of Design said...

I liked that "on my butt in the middle of life" and that sounds like a very familiar place to me too. We are His work in progress and don't forget that. For it is God who works in us both to WILL and TO DO of His good pleasure.

Debbie said...

Blessings to you. This will be a great year.

Denise said...

I really appreciate your honest open heart sis, I love you.

CrownLaidDown said...

Sharon, I am praying for you, Sister. I am asking for His water to flow pure and fresh to you...and His Word to come and fill you!
Much love, friend!

Denise said...

Such a great post...... I think that an honest and transparent heart is such a sweet smelling savor to the Lord...... I too miss the sweet presence of the Lord and I pray that this New Year brings renewed vision and renewed power for each and every lady that pursues His heart.....

Denise said...

I have to add this one thing........

We are not human beings going through a temporary spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings, going through a temporary human experience!!!!

Is that a great saying or what!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Hmm... Food for thought... Tasty! :o)

Jessie said...

I highly treasure honesty. I adore this post. It is real and honest. This is one of the reasons I enjoy visiting your blog.

mandy said...

i love the cartoon... so true