Thursday, December 6, 2007

Silence is strength?

I don't often like reading books that are not novels(Bible not included of course)-but lately I have been given some books with real insight.
Since coming out of a dark learning spot, I found that I was not in a real rush to share the inner things of my heart. Things I was mulling over. I almost wondered if maybe I was still a little depressed. I do not normally have a desire to keep my thoughts to myself. ;)
If you know me--- you know this to be truth.
Then I read this.

There is a lack of quietness among today's believers; they talk too much and fail to "study to be quiet"(1Thes.4:11KJV).
Those who have received much grace from God usually have their heads bowed. Only those who are not deeply rooted in Christ tend to be flippant. (See Proverbs 18:2)
A quiet life is us usually a fragrant life. If we speak less, what we speak will be more powerful. Talkativeness is a point of leakage in ones spirituality.
A man full of the Holy Spirit will not tell anything that is not received from the Lord. Not a single word will be spoken out of self.
If we truly learn to obey the Holy Spirit in this area, our speech will be reduced by half! This will glorify God.

Well, I guess that means I will not be blogging anymore.
No, just joking.
What do you think about this quote?
It is from Watchman Nee.
This was particularly interesting to me-"Talkativeness is a point of leakage in ones spirituality".
What does this mean to you?
I'll write more after I hear your thoughts.


Jessie said...

O wow. This is good. What really stuck out and spoke to me was this: A man full of the Holy Spirit will not tell anything that is not received from the Lord.

I desire to be that Spirit filled and led that I am at that point. Wow!

This sort of goes with a scripure God gave me weeks ago and I carry it with me: Proverbs 18:2 A self-confident fool has no delight in understanding but only in revealing his personal opinions and himself.

Keep on posting this meat. I desire to grow in this area.


Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

I love Watchman Nee's stuff.. He's deep...

Oh do I have a book for you girl...

The Shack by William Young... you won't be able to put it down..

a Fiction Christian book.. a man loses a daughter and then has it out with God... oh man.. talk about powerful...

you about gave me heart failure when you said you wouldn't be blogging anymore... I'm glad it was a joke...I'd miss you

love ya

BunnyGirl said...

Sharon, this post spoke buckets to me.

I come originally from a traditional church background but then went to an evangelical church when I got older. It was often my observation that the evangelicals knew Jesus somewhat more personally but the traditionalist churches seemed to understand the quite contemplation and worship of God.

I've often felt like I slipped between the gap of these two areas. I love the exhuberant praise of the evangelical church but miss the quiet of mediative worship.

So this touches my heart because I believe strongly that there is a place for quiet in our faith. To not speak, but to listen.

Irritable Mother said...

I think there is truth in those words. Oh, how good it is to be quiet!

SunnySusan said...

When I lost my voice a few days ago, it was good to be quiet.....

Really, it IS good to be quiet and listen to the Lord and to others...that is the way I really learn what is on their hearts...

I used to be the "life of the party" but now I am happy to remain quiet and still.

Bless you my sister...