Friday, December 14, 2007

Shrinking women/Expanding Women!

*Update on header picture*
Well now all the ladies are back-but-instead of you just being able to see their middle sections, you see much more of them.
Much, much more of them.
Let this be a warning.
While doing all that Christmas baking-
Too funny!

Is it just me or can you only see the backsides (literally)
of the women in my header?
What's up with that?
I didn't do anything.
Is anyone else having problems?


Lisa said...

I noticed... I just thought you meant it to be that way since that's the part of us we "sit awhile" with! LOL

Sharon said...

Oh Lisa-too funny.
I tried to delete and put it back-"but" it seems to be stuck. Ha!

A&D said...

Yes, I only see backsides...hmmm...

RYC: here's the link to my gluten post. Thought you might be interested in reading it.

Denise said...

Woo Hoo, ladies got back, lots of back!! lol

Dee said...

I still see just rearends -- must be a blogger thing. This blog is having the same problem

Melanie said...

Oh that is just too funny- I only see their bottoms too!

Deb said...

There is a message here with all the holiday goodies and treats!!

Mary said...

I can see the entire ladies, but their backsides look different here than they do on your sidebar. Maybe someone is trying to tell us something. My backside seems to expand about 5 lbs. worth over Christmas and New Years.

Love ya,

Bev Brandon said...

Oh my guys crack me up...all I can see is backsides...but wait, now they turned into a lighthouse...and you know what...i can't even post anything on my blog tonight---what's up with that? WE DID MAKE IT TO 123 sponsors earlier this evening Sharon and isn't that just so exciting!!!! But I can't post here, I have officially announced it on your post!!!! Thank you God! Can't thank you enough for your support, your initiative, your idea...123 orphans are going to be touched deeply by this!

Regina said...

wow, I am trying to catch up on my blogging so I mised the whole expanding booty episode! Wow, I wonder what the problem was?
Anyway I like the new header (not as much as the old one) but it is very serene.