Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Do you have posts that you have written and they just stayed in draft stage?
When I wrote this I was rather aggravated with blogger about not getting my comments delivered to my email. All of a sudden my comments seemed to have stopped. I could not find anyone to answer my questions so finally I just tried changing my email.
It seems to have worked.
I have been having some problems with the blogger system. I have my settings set to get the comments sent to my yahoo mail. For months it worked fine--not anymore. So I have transfered them to my other email account and it seems to be working o.k. I wonder how many comments I have missed because things were not working properly.

Also, there is something else that I have been wondering about. Comments.
Have you ever had someone leave a question or comment that you wanted to respond but you were unsure where to reply to them?
I usually go on over to their blog and say RYC.............
Wouldn't it take forever to go to everyones blog and leave comments to their comments? It makes me tired just thinking about it. But it seems as if blogger has done a little something to help us out. Now when I get ready to leave a comment there is something I can check if I want to recieve follow up comments.
"Follow-up comments will be sent to slgb65@yahoo.com."
Now the question is -- am I going to get every bodies comments or just the comments of the blog author. If I get everyones--I am going to have a full inbox.
I think maybe I'll just go back and check for follow up comments.

How cool it would be if talking to God could be a little like posting a comment?
I could read the Bible or have a thought and then click on leave a comment.
In the box, I could put all my thoughts and questions and then click publish.
Now here is where the questions develop.
Will He come directly to me and respond via the Holy Spirit?
Will a response come through someone else?
Should I be on the look out in His word for a response?
How cool would it be is He just showed up in my living room in person and said,

I think I would like that.
Shoot---who am I kidding?
He has never answered me face to face. (If He has you-I would love to hear the story.)
I would probably freak if He showed up in my living room. Then like a crazy person, I would probably stand there with my mouth hanging open-a glazed look in my eyes. He would probably get a silly grin on His face and walk over and with his finger to gently close the fly trap.
Back to the real world.
As much as I would like this to happen, I guess I will have to wait for eternity for a face to face. Until then- I will just have to keep my ears open. If I don't hear the clear voice of the Holy Spirit right away then I will keep and eye out for response in His word. And if I don't get an answer that way- then I will have to keep my ears open when talking to those who love Him.
He will use whatever He chooses to respond to my prayers and questions.
But the one thing I do know--He always reads my comments and He always responds.
No anonymous when He is involved.


Denise said...

I loved that , just loved that.. Isn't it wonderful that He responds to us....It is a personal relationship.... give and take..... chit and chat....... I want to hear His voice more and more....... I asked once for Him to teach me His voice...... boy was that an experience..... I will share that one day....... but in the mean time I will keep my ears tuned in, my eyes focused, and my mind clear in case He is talking right now.......

MelanieJoy said...

You are a thinker there's no doubt about that =) I love how you think though. Gets me to thinking- some times it hurts =)
That would be an AWSOME thing to have God communicate that way! I guess when we go through it and wait for it we "get it" better.

Denise said...

I love your way of thinking sis, makes me want to be a better thinker, lol I love you bunches.

Bev Brandon said...

Miss Sharon
I picked a girl named Pimkamol, Age 10, for you.
We will e-mail you her picture.
Thank you very much for giving to Pimkamol and praying for her. Britt

Bev Brandon said...

Hey, it's Bev...PayPal is relatively easy for you to figure out cause you are so tech savvy. Go to www.paypal.com and click on link that says Send Money.
Click Send Money online.
Type in my e-mail address
fill in amount and you're on your way to sending money to an orphan!

Sharon, can't thank you enough for your inspiration to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, as always.

I don't know how to do a link to my blog so tell me what you need from me so you can do it for me. Thanks!

Maybe I can figure out how to post the "Pick Me" orphan opportunity in sidebar....????

Loved what you are doing to encourage Romans 12:13 showing hospitality to even strangers.

Halfmoon Girl said...

ok, I am going to ask the stupid question, I am not ashamed. What is RYC???? I am going to go check the follow up comment box now. I haven't actually tried it before...

Halfmoon Girl said...

ok, I forgot to check the follow up box. That is what we call a real short attention span!!!!

Kellan said...

I also sometimes answer someones question in their comments - I don't think there is anything wrong with that - I like having my questions answered that way, but it is time consuming for people, especially if they have already visited your site that day. I sometimes answer the question in my comments. It's something that needs to be made a little easier. I loved the ending to your post - God does sometimes feel like a lurker - that's okay with me - as long as I know he's around. Take care. Kellan

BunnyGirl said...

HI Sharon,

I liked your thoughts on this one. Funny how God can take an everyday thought and turn it to focus on him. I've never had a face to face but I have had a picture of him on the throne and me face down, stripped bare before him. This was about 7 years ago. It left such an impression, I painted it. I just wanted to sink further and further into that carpet as I felt the eyes of a mighty God look at me. It was terrifying and wonderful all at the same time.

SunnySusan said...

Sharon~~oh my...wouldn't that be the best...even tho my lr looks like a tornado hit it...He sees it anyway even if He is not there in Person

I had a God moment yesterday....I was taking the paperwork to the new school for my daughter and as I was driving there I was still in doubt that this was the right thing to do....well, I get there and walk up to the office and one boy around 10 walks out of the office and then he turns around and opens the door up for me.....wow....I was telling Amy that there won't be as many bullies here or many not at all....if they are even somewhat like this boy.....thanks God for re-assuring me that we are listening to you correctly and this is the school we are to HS with......love you

Nicki said...

Just don't click the follow up comments on Beth Moore's blog!!! =) I accidently did that on the Thanksgiving one......OH MY WORD, I never had so much e-mail in my life!!!!

try2bAsunbeam said...

Great post Sharon!
I think someone said He was lurking...I don't see God as a lurker...He never lurks.
To me, it's like He always leaves us a comment and because we don't want to hear it, we just delete it. Sometimes we even know who it is and we delete it without reading it --and other times we read His emails and THEN delete them...What a yucky thought...

Sometimes He emails us over and over and we just delete and delete...and the really sad part is, that eventually, He stops sending us the messages...that is until we contact Him again...which is His grace, His love, His forgiveness...

Andrea said...

good post...I liked the comparison.

(i've been noticing just today that i haven't been getting all my comments in my in-box either...)

Lisa said...

Glad to know that God is 100% involved! :o)