Thursday, December 20, 2007

And the answer is....

I'm baaaack!

I have been to a Christmas party at church.
A doctors appointment for Paw Paw.
A school Christmas program for JuliaAnd now I am sitting on the couch listening to the rain thinking of all the things I should be doing.
But, I don't want to leave ya'll hanging( I really want to procrastinate a little longer) so I decided to fill you in on the answer to my drama queen question.
Well, maybe not drama queen--I don't think anyone would give me that label.

I got some interesting guesses.
Some too painful to even be imagined. Some made me smile. And for others I think we need to sit down and talk because you really don't know me yet. :)

I saw Mom this morning at the school play and even she wanted to know what I had done.
She had read the comments made by Edge Of Design and said, I know you didn't pierce
your tongue.
I said NO of course not.
I already wear a retainer after braces and if you added a toungue ring to that-- I don't think you could understand me at all. And, I don't go for that type of pain. Who am I kiding-I don't go for any type of pain.
Most of all I wouldn't want to hurt any of my precious taste buds.
What if you lost the special one that helped you enjoy your favorite food? Hmmmmm, might not be a bad idea with all the food that will be hanging around the next week. ;)
But no--wouldn't even think about having that done. It might be fun to get a fake one just to freak out the people at church. Ha! Miss conservative has lost her mind--that is just what they would think. We don't believe in excommunication-- but I bet my pastor would entertain the thought of it. ;)

So, no tongue ring, no permanent make up-that would involve pain. And what if they slipped?
Nope, not for me.
I do have a question for two people who left comments. They both mentioned something that this country bumpkin had never heard of before.
Something called-Indian string method.
Someone please fill me in on this.
Sounds like a name for some of the underwear I have seen in Victoria's Secret.
Ummmm, no thank you.
Really, I would like to know how this works since I have an idea
that it has something to do with hair removal.
So the answers is, with out further todo..................

I had my upper lip waxed.
Good guess Mary!

Now for those of you who have not had this done before--it is really not so bad. :)
Ever had a bo bo on your arm and had to detach a bandaid?
Remember how it felt once the bandaid got good and attached to the hair on your arm?
Now remember how it felt to quickly........ Riiiiiiiip....... that bandaid off?
There you go! That is the feeling.
As the woman was leaning over my face painting the warm nice feeling wax on my lip she said, "Is this all you want to do???????".
Helloooooo, I might have a little Italian in the blood line- but no ape.
Honestly guys-I am not that hairy. Just a little shadow on my upper lip!
Now my mind is spinning-does she think I need more waxed? Does she see something I don't?
"Ahhhhhh....good grief!"
"Oh.......sorry, I forgot it was your first time".
What- would it have hurt less if she had remembered?
I don't think soooooo!
But, it was over quickly. It was not too bad.
While I was there one of the women was talking about the things she had had waxed.
Uh....I DON'T think so!!!!!!
I will have to say that my girl did not charge me for the waxing---- since it was my first time???
Maybe she wants to make sure I come back to have it done again. :)

Anyone want to go with me?


Dee said...

HA, hilarious story! I love your perm -- looks great. I'm not very hairy at all and even that sounds too painful for me! :) D

SunnySusan said...

I really like you hair....not really hairy there and it is really blonde..but I would love my legs waxed...just legs...not anywhere are too funny....

Your daughter is too cute....

I love you sis

Edge of Design said...

Oh my!!! ROFL!! What a hilarious post and imagine my relief to discover you didn't pierce your tongue. Your poor mother! The very suggestion..... You made my day!

Cindy said...

If you look up eyebrow threading on google, you can even see a youtube about it! :) "Eyebrow threading involves twisting a piece of thread, usually cotton, into a double strand. This double stranded thread is used to pick up a line of hair and then remove it." But you really have to SEE it! ;)

Andrea said...

HA! You're on your own, girl! I don't want to go anywhere near waxing ANY part of me!!

Denise said...

I have my lip waxed every month.. Kinda getting use to it now... Not so that hair......... you go girl.........

Not sure about the Indian Threading thing.. I will have to check that out........

Merry Christmas

Mary said...


I knew it! How? I've had this done myself and the signs were there. LOL This was a fun post and yes, when they go riiipp! it does sting for a minute or two.

Lots of fun in this post. Thanks for being such a good sport.

Love and blessings,

Denise said...

Thanks for always making me smile. I love your hair, looks really nice sis.

try2bAsunbeam said...

A new tidbit of info on me:
I had my tounge pierced...I have the scar tissue on my tounge to prove it. Really a dumb thing to do...your tounge swells up for days afterwards--kind of like my face right now! lOL
One time i bought one of those home waxing things and I did one sheet--NEVER AGAIN!!
SO NOT worth it...

Nise' said...

I am so laughing!! I used to do this for a living and I loved it! My co-workers thought I was a terrible person that I loved to wax people. There is just something about ripping off that strip! I wax myself and can't feel it anymore.

Lisa said...

I think I'll pass... My mustache curled up and whimpered when I read your post. LOL