Friday, November 30, 2007

The Shoeless Manikin

Several months ago we made a trip with our pastor and his wife to a store to look for hunting items. It was a distance from our homes and we enjoyed some good talk on the way. We stopped for barbecue, Keith's favorite, and then headed on to the store. This store is fine for me to visit once in a blue moon-- I am not into hunting. But there is a cooking section and it is fun just to look around and see what is there.
Now I have said before that I am not a girly girl. I don't particularly like to shop. And clothes shopping is not -never has been- on my list of fun things to do. But, when the choice is looking at clothes or looking at camo and deer stands.....please take me to the womens clothing section. So, after quietly following my husband while he checked out every hunting item in the place he said, "let's go check out the womens section".
Me, "Thank you Jesus".
There were really not that many things that I was interested in. But there were a pair of shoes that I liked. Problem was that they were on the manikin. And they were no more to be found. You guys-I love clogs-and these were beau-ti-ful! My husband loved them too.
They were just sexy looking.
We went through the whole thing of asking for other shoes. There were none. Keith suggested that maybe we could buy the shoes on the manikin. But as I looked at the shoes they looked small. I have boats for feet. There was no way they would fit my feet. As I was thinking this- my husband was bent down pulling the shoes off the manikin. Yes, my cheeks were red. Now on his knees he reached over and gently pulled off my clog and replaced it with the one from the manikin. It fit perfectly. I really don't know how.
Keith went through all the hoops to find out how he could purchase them. I loved them but I figured that it was not really worth it. Truth be told I felt like I was not worth it. I was embarrassed at the attention. But, Keith did not listen to any of my protest. He wanted those shoes for me--and he got them.
They were the last pair in the store and now they are mine. I feel great when I wear them. And last night while at group looking down at my shoes- I was again reminded why I love my man.
His heart.

Last night I thought about how Keiths actions had reflected the heart of God.
How God looked down at me and He knew I needed a covering. A robe to cover my sin.
A robe of righteousness.
And He knew what needed to be done to clothe me in His purity and holiness. He decided that He would be willing to pay whatever price had to be paid, to obtain that robe to give me. I am so glad they had my best interest in mind. Jesus was not worried about men embarrassing him on the path to his goal. He was not even concerned when people told Him that what He was trying to do-could not be done. He knew nothing could stop Him.
He was not going to let anything stop Him.
And then He did it. With the goal in sight--He paid the price for that robe for me.
The price. His life.
And then when the price was paid-God handed Him the robe that would be the perfect fit for me. And on His knees, looking lovingly up into my face--He held the robe out to me.
It was a free gift. All I had to do was recognize the price that was paid for it, take it, and wear it.
And I did.
I love my robe of purity and holiness. I am so thankful for the price He was willing to pay.
Such love is kind of embarrassing for me.
I love my robe. And unlike the shoes my husband bought for me---my robe will never be taken away.
Thank you Jesus!
The gift that would be born----- so that a gift could be given.


Cindy said...

I love the picture in my mind of Keith doing that for you.

And I love- as always- your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A real live Cinderella and Her Prince story in more ways than one. Beautifully written and the lengths that Jesus went to because of His love for us goes beyond words.

Nise' said...

I love that not only Keith did that for you, but through your embarrassement, you allowed Him to do it! What a great reminder of how far our Lord Jesus was willing to go for each and every one of us!

Melanie said...

How sweet of Keith to do that for you. And, I love how you were able to tie it into a lesson about how much God loves us.

Denise said...

Such a precious post, love you sis.

A Life Inspired said...

Beautiful. I only recently came to understand the story of Boaz and Ruth is a story that foretold the coming of Christ as our kinsman redeemer. Your writing reminded me of that.

Happy weekend!

Dee said...

Ahhhhhhhhh, that's such a nice story! I used to be a big clothes shopper but not now. DH, on the other hand, loves to go to the mall just to 'look around'. Not my kind of thing at all, but I do it, cuz he likes it! D

Karen said...

What a wonderful loving husband you have. This was gorgeous! I don't like clothes shopping - if I could go in, not have to try things on or be harrassed by over zealous shop assistants maybe..

How is Paw Paw? Life is getting busy, too busy this end. We leave on 18th Dec and have so much to do work wise, end of Term School wise, Christmas prep wise. Good news, the shopping is all done. I saw the most miserable people at the shops yesterday (another reason I shop earlier!), so unhappy doing their Christmas shopping, jostling the crowds...breaks your heart - this is NOT what it's all about, so wrong, so sad.

BunnyGirl said...

What a lovely thing for your hubby to do and tied in so beautifully with what God does for us.
This was definitely a "think on the good things" post.

SunnySusan said...

Sharon~~I LOVE your story...and of course how you tied it in to our redemption by the Blood of the Lamb...

Keith~~what a heart he has....

Are we some kind of twinnie also??????
About all I wear are clogs....

But then again I love love love shopping...yeah, call me girlie girl...

Love you

Mary said...


You certainly deserved the shoes and I'm glad that Keith went to all that trouble to get them for you.

I dislike shopping too. It's just not something that I enjoy. I don't mind shopping for gifts for other people, but hate shopping for myself. Either they have nothing that appeals to me or it's not in my size.

I like the way you tied your shopping trip into the word of God.

Tonight we are to get snow, sleet and rain. I hope it passes us by. I don't mind snow, but sleet and rain mixed with snow is treacherous on the roads.

Take care, my friend. Thanks so much for sharing this powerful message.


Karen said...

Oh dear, I'd best get on the treadmill, but someone bought marshmallows and they were tasty...oh to get back to your question, we'll be gone until 5th January, then I'm going to re-decorate my daughter's bedroom (got all the stuff, just need the paint now for the walls - and no my daughter you are not having purple!). I hope we get a chance to have a chat too! I hope to do a wee bit of blogging whilst we are away as well, with photos of us doing fun and mad stuff around the country. Prayers for you all and Paw Paw. Was thinking how great that you went to that historical place a wee while back with the ancestor's and how it blessed him - God knows the timings doesn't he? xxx

Halfmoon Girl said...

That made me teary! Love the story about Keith and the clogs and loved the way you related it to how Jesus views us. I love clogs too- I just bought a really nice pair half price. I usually wear these black ones that are all furry on the inside.

Kellan said...

This was such a touching story. It reminds me too of God and how he certainly goes to all lengths to give us what we need (and want) - how he holds nothing back - if we trust and love him. Great post. Have a good weekend. Kellan

Andrea said...

great post, sharon!

Anonymous said...

"Two coats were before me... An old and a new... I could have either... So what must I do?..."

This is my favorite song. :o)

In fact, it's my testimony.

(Your husband is a sweetie!)

Pastor Lisa said...

Sharon, that was absolutely beautiful.

Debrand said...

The first step in moving with the anointing in your life is recognizing when God is showing you an example of His Mercy and Grace towards us. Keep looking and you will see Him everywhere.

Debrand said...

The first step in moving with the anointing in your life is recognizing when God is showing you an example of His Mercy and Grace towards us. Keep looking and you will see Him everywhere.