Sunday, November 25, 2007

A few pictures

This is bright and early Thanksgiving morning which also happened to be my 19th wedding anniversary. Keith got hunting stuff . Here is Keith trying out his sled that is for bring dead deer out of the woods. Here Keith looks like he is trying some strange form of torture with our youngest. No, she is not dead. ;) I think my present was a success. I got him a deer stand that seats two-but it is already in the woods.
During the night Keith got up and hid several things around the house for me. Well, they were not really hidden but in the bleary eyed moments of early morning they might as well have been. There were at least three cards that I either stepped on or over on my way to the kitchen to make coffee. I got some really sweet things that were very romantic.
And for all of you our there who have husband who have still not figured it out--there is hope. If Keith finally caught on to the romantic stuff----any man can.
It took him awhile but once he caught on-----he's a keeper!
I do love him.
After a quick breakfast we headed out to the church to begin our mission. A mission that went of without a hitch. Here are some pictures of all the people who showed up with food and wanted to help serve meals. Our long table was set up and ready for people to man their stations.
Here is Linda(one of my girls and my pastors wife)--Keith in manning the camera from the top of a chair. To the right is one of our younger members wanting to get involved with the process.

Each tray was marked with a message for the recipient. The box below says, Jesus love you!
Mr Donald and his daughter Sweetie are to the right. Mr Donald makes wooden Ten Commandment signs for people to put at their churches or where ever they want to put them. This ministry has signs all over the United States and a few out of the states.
I loved his tee-shirt that day. It said, God's last name is not Dammit. Pretty good!
Here is the assembly line in motion. Keith again is manning the camera from a chair.

I am the third person in the line. No close ups--it was a rough day. :)
This is our six year I believe-maybe our fifth--doing meals to go on Thanksgiving Day. Usually we have done about 126 but this time we did over 170. Cool huh? We are a small piece of the body of Christ but the word is getting out and we are getting to touch more in His name.
After the meals went out we had most everyone stay to eat dinner. The food was great and I will be starting a diet soon. Or I will be walking around looking for pant extensions. Do they make those? It is time to get serious before Christmas gets here.

After our time at church we spent a few days at the farm. Now it is time to get back to real life.
Joy! Joy!
Please pray for Paw Paw tomorrow morning. He will be going through a small surgery to get his veins ready for dialysis. We have to be there for 6 and his surgery time is 7. Thank you for praying. Talk to ya'll tomorrow afternoon.

How many of ya'll have gotten your Christmas trees already? Our is up but not decorated. We will do that tomorrow when Julia gets home from school.
O.K, now I really have to go.


Karen said...

Wow, what a loving servant you are, this really touched my heart. I need to do something like this, get off my bottom and organise myself, truly. You have blessed a lot of people. Wow. In NZ Christmas trees are usually up 12th Dec +, I'm not doing one this year as heading away on the 18th Dec. I have enjoyed learning so much more about USA customs for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Halfmoon Girl said...

What a great feeling to be a part of something that made otherss feel loved! No, we do not have our tree up. I refuse to decorate or play Christmas music till Dec the 1st! We get a fresh tree so it just won't last that long.

Cindy said...

I bet everyone just adores you at your church! :)

We put up our fake tree last night, and we'll buy one in a week or two in the hopes that we can keep it fairly alive until Christmas. :)

Cahleen 何凱琳 said...

Great job! I'm sure all the hard work that you and everyone else did really blessed all those people. We already have our tree up! =)

Nicki said...

wow, looks amazing!! what a blessing your church is to others!! And yes our tree is up and decorated!! We moved FAST this year!!

ps-I posted about where God is leading me a few days back Friday November 16th, if I was all blogger savy I'd know how to send you right to that link!! But it's still on there! =)

Denise said...

I love your precious heart for Jesus, thanks for being you. Happy belated anniversary, wishing you many more happy years together. I am keeping paw paw close to my heart, prayers are being sent up for him.

Jessie said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary!

We help feed on Christmas day and it is truly an awesome experience. We get more joy out of that than anything else we do that day.

I enjoyed viewing your photos. Thanks for sharing them.

Lisa said...


No tree up yet. ;o)

Melanie said...

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We do not have our tree up yet. Soon though.