Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Even the men got involved ;)

O.K, I am sure it was just because I needed a good laugh this morning. Or maybe because I know that my brother in law never steps foot in the kitchen except to make a glass of milk. I don't know but this just hit my funny bone this morning. I was emailed a recipe exchange and I participated and got a few in return. The following is from my brother in law. Which I thought was pretty good and pretty cute.
This man is not a kitchen guy. And probably preparing for a meal is him tucking the napkin in his shirt before the people in the drive through give him his meal. Enjoy! Some of you might get an idea your kids will like.
Jeannie told me I had to send you a recipe, because
she sent this to me, and she doesn't have 20 people on
her list. But what do you tell to a chef that they
don't already know?

So, to boil water, put water into a pot....j/k

Butter bread, place in skillet (low heat) lightly
browning. Use round shape to cut out center of bread.
Gently crack egg, and set it into center hole,
without breaking yoke. Similar to just frying it
(which I'm sure you know how to do), turn over before
yolk gets too cooked, and make sure the center you cut
out is still being toasted, too (its the best part!)

Use round part of bread to dip in the middle., and cut
off edges if you run out before yolk is gone.

My mom taught me this one, hope it was new to you, but
it probably wasn't...lol



Lisa said...

The thought of eating runny egg makes me feel slightly green. Bennie, on the other hand, would think he was having a meal fit for a king. LOL

Mary said...

Well, I've eaten eggs many different way, but never had egg in a hole. However, hubby has and he says it's delicious. Thanks for sharing, my Sister.


Denise said...


SunnySusan said...


I have made these...alot.....LOL