Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Can I get an AMEN?

The following is a recipe that is tried and true.
We have found that in our neck of the woods
all who have received the finished product have enjoyed it tremendously.

Thanksgiving Dinner

20-- large Turkeys cooked and deboned
8 to 10-- 10 ct cans of sweet potatoes prepared
3--10 ct cans sweet corn
3--10 ct cans of peas
7--large turkey pans of dressing or stuffing
10--bags potato rolls
15- pumpkin pies
8 to 10 families
4 to 6 vehicles

Twenty-four to 48 hours in advance turkeys should be taken out to thaw.
When the cooking begins men should leave the house so that women can lock themselves in the kitchen and not have to worry about another living soul. Ha! Nice thought.
The day before Thanksgiving women should gather at the church to deliver and cut pies and then place pie pieces in individual containers. Tables will be prepared. To go containers will be placed out and extra crock pots will be made ready to keep food ingredients hot till ready to be served.
Once all ingredients are prepared and ready all ingredients should be gathered together at New Hope church just north of Folsom on Thanksgiving morning. All ingredients should arrive early and be warmed in advance. Once ingredients arrive, all ingredients male and all those male or female under the age of about 25 should stay clear of all adult females. Adult females will be overly tired and ready for this fine day to be over with soon. There will be mostly Martha's present--but you might find a few Mary's.
Place food ingredients on two or three long folding tables and make sure there are sufficient spoons for serving. Men should not offer advice at this time. The women have made it thus far and it will be the males turn when it comes time to deliver the meals. Until that time-- Men ingredients should just help adult female ingredients if they ask for additional muscle.
At 10:00 a.m ingredients will be quickly placed in about 125 to go container along with plastic wear and a side dish of pie.
Men ingredients will quickly load all to go trays and disappear into the wild blue yonder. Male ingredients will enjoy visiting and talking as they deliver food in His name.
Back at the church women ingredients will begin to load the long table with the food ingredients lovingly prepared for everyone at the church. Once Men ingredients have been reminded by cell phone that there are hungry child ingredients waiting to eat they will scurry back with bellies ready to be filled.

Prep time--24 to 48 hours for food ingredients
3 years to 70+ years for human ingredients

This recipe will serve 125 to go and 50 or so in church.

*****Disclaimer... ingredients for church dinner are solely decided by human ingredients.


Lisa said...

AMEN and ROFL! ;o)

Cindy said...

You've got a hearty amen here, sistah!

Denise said...

Amen sis.