Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thankful Thursday and Friday and...................

Good morning!
There is a little coolness back in the air--thank ya Jesus. That makes me smile in a big way!

I mentioned a few weeks back that I wore braces, and I was looking forward to getting them off.
Yesterday I had an appointment and.........on the 24th--I will be saying
goodbye to the metal mouth!
Yeeehaaaaa! \o/
That is something to get excited about.
Guess it is time to grow up---- no longer will I be able to blend with the tweens. :)
I am also glad that my hubby is back. I give you girls with traveling hubbies a big ole pat on the back. Mine was gone for five days and I really missed him.
That is in itself is something to be able to thank God for.\o/
I love my man.
On Sunday our little church made a major decision to go non denominational.
We had spent over a month in fasting and in prayer about this decision.
The decision was unanimous.
I thank God for the unity of heart in our church.
And I thank Him for how He is going to use this in our community.
We are all about unity of the Body of Christ among those churches who preach the Son of God come in the flesh, Crucified, raised on the third day and sitting at the right hand of our Father.
We love because we were first loved. \o/
Also, I am thankful that God has great plans for us all.
He is not finished with this little project of His. He will not be finished till it is perfect. I thank Him that that takes the pressure off my shoulders. I am not responsible for the changes--just bending my knees to them. \o/
And since so many of you have said you like the \o/ symbol-I want to tell you that Little Red Hearts From God is where I believe I first saw it.
Isn't it great?
Don't forget He is light-- and that light is the LOVE that fills our hearts.
Open the windows of your heart and let the light in.

For more thankful hearts go visit our girl Iris over at Sing My Heart.


Dirtyhands4Him said...

Wonderful post. I'm delighted to see your church going non-denominational and focusing on Jesus without the constraints of any particular denomination. Although my husband is a pastor in a particular denomination, i truly see the benefits of going at it alone. What a wonderful list. When my hubby has to travel, or even have night after night of church meetings I miss him too!!!

Sandi said...

I love reading Thankful blog. Does a heart good.

Melanie said...

I too am glad for the coolness in the air here! Yeah- about your braces. It will feel so strange when you get them off- (I had them for three years). My hubby travels once in a while for work and I hate it. I don't know how some people do it all the time.
What a big step for your church. I'll keep you all in my prayers!

lori said...

and I am with's so good to be CHILLY in the deep south!!

oh, and I was miserable when my husband traveled too...missed my best friend...:)
great list!

Patty said...

\o/ Praising God with you! Great post!! You need to take a new picture once your braces are off!! I am so glad to hear of churches who have unity. Our church is suffering with disunity/division. So, please pray for our church!
Have a great day!

Denise said...

Honey, I am letting the Light in. I love you my friend.

Kathleen Marie said...

Congrats on the braces. I have had them twice and was thrilled to finally be done with it.

Praying for your church!

God Bless!

Love Bears All Things said...

Thank you for sharing your list with us. I know all about husbands who travel. Luckily mine isn't so much these days.
Mama Bear

Lisa B @ simply His said...

I've got maybe 11 weeks left with my braces. I had them for 3 years when I was a teen -- now I've had them for almost a year! I have been amazed at how far braces have come and all the technology there. My teeth have moved so much, so quickly and it has never hurt like the old style did! You better believe I'll wear my retainers this time ;)

Congrats on making through with the braces! It is tough!

Jenileigh said...

I too love the crisp cool air. Congrats on getting rid of the metal, I remember that day!

Have a bless TT and stop by my place for a special prayer request this TT. God bless you.

Nise' said...

We are finally experiencing that cool crisp air as well! Our church went non-denominational, but it was not unanimous, I as so glad that yours was! It was rough going in the early stages, but we are seeing the fruit of that decision now!! Glad hubby is back safe and sound.

MelanieJoy said...

Girl- I feel your joy with those braces coming off!!!!!! I had to go through that experience again not too long ago. It felt soooo good this morning...wish it had been so nice when I had my day off last week. To get up ease out on the back porch and enjoy some time with Jesus would have been great this me & Jesus settled for a trip into work together =) Love ya!

Daisy said...

No more braces? Yay!

I learned this little goody \o/ from my sister! LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Happy for you and your church!!For you missing hubby.. Absence makes the heart grow fonder?! keep the love strong:)God Bless

Mommy Dot Com said...

Thanks for praying. It means a lot to me. Pray out loud!! The wimp in me is wincing but the Spirit is hungry for more!

MelanieJoy said...

Enjoy your baking! I wish we were just a little closer and I could come over for a taste...sorry don't do coffee though =)
I guess people will wonder what the heck I'm talking about since this has nothing to do with the post...hehe

eph2810 said...

Oh yes - I rejoice with you on the coolness of the air - how refreshing not to sweat in the morning when I step out of the house.
Best wished to your little church going non-denominational. That is a huge step.

Thank you so much for sharing your thankfulness with us this week.

Blessings to you and your man :) - I am glad you are back in his arms.

Karen said...

I am on another computer fast for this coming weekend...will be back online on Monday, but wanted to say that I had you on my mind and will be saying a few prayers this weekend for you. Big hugs from your tomorrow girl.