Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Can we talk?

First, if you have not read my last post--this will not make much sense.
If you would like to-please go read.

A few years ago I found that a new and strange desire was quickly growing out of control. That desire? A desire to KNOW God and all that that involved.
I began a journey that would change my life. You can not come into contact with the living Holy God and not be changed. It has been a journey that has been full of incredible events and the deep pain of ridicule and rejection.
Sometimes I have wondered if I knew what this path would be like -if I would have taken that first step. I think I would have.
I read the Bible and saw what happened when people gave their hearts and lives to God.
I don't want just the effects of God--I want God.
And, so, God began to show me where my life was going to need to change.
I have not always gotten things right the first time. And there are other truths that God has shown me that I have not "gotten" yet.
But the word is clear---you can not live in the way this world and be privy to the deep glorious things of God.
He has drawn the line. He says, it is my way......PERIOD.
Sunday at church we talked about the fact that unless the Holy Spirit brings about the changes in us--they will not last when times get hard.
I can not tell you where God has drawn the line for me and expect you to act on my convictions and have it last when times get rough.
Those convictions are Biblical-but you have to see them and give your heart to them as truth.

So I will share this.
I LOVE movies. I could go and sit in one movie after the other.
When God began to draw the line for me it was a pretty sudden thing. While sitting in a movie one day God said, You have to choose, I can have no part with darkness.
I felt His presence leave. I was so torn. I wanted Him and I wanted "this world".
From that point on I have stood and I have fallen.
On weekends I used to go to the video store and pick up whatever was new without really looking at the content.
Now I read the back. I have to say, it is not often that I am able to take something home.
So, God dealt with the movie area first and then TV.
This is the verse God used in my heart.
Whatsoever things are pure, lovely of good report.....think on these things.
Each time I chose not to follow His leading it was like the clear window I was looking through got a little dirty. The longer I stayed in filth the dirtier the window got. Until finally I found it hard to see God. Basically He said, It is my way or nothing.

I see things in black and white. It is right or it is wrong.
And so my burden has been for the body of Christ to see where Satan has tricked and blinded us. You see if our hands are dirty--we can not be carriers of Gods glory. How cool for Satan.
How horrible for the BODY OF CHRIST.
Kind of like a flashlight with no batteries. In the ever growing darkness--this world needs a light.
Can you even imagine the fact that in the OT when the children walked away from God that they got to such a point that they actually allowed false gods to be brought into the temple- to be worshiped right along side GOD. I am afraid we have too.
We are the temple.

And so we get to yesterdays post. God speaks to me in pictures sometimes.
This was a picture God gave me.
It did not happen at my church. I am afraid we are not so much into the technical. As God was giving this picture to me--it it me hard. It was like I was there. Maybe that is why some thought it happened at my church.
I would hope that there would be pastors who would be willing to do this.
We need a visual of the Bible truths.
I ask that you listen with your spirit. I ask that you pray about what you are allowing Satan to dump into the eye door of your temple.
We have got to stand on the side of God--or we will fall.
Now I will step off the soap box. :)
What I have said was said in love. I do love you guys. You are my sisters.
We are on the same team and I hurt for the body.
God's heart hurts too. He is jealous for His people.
HE want them back-body,soul and spirit.


Daughter of the King said...

This is a great post..I think it is the first time at your blog...and I will be back....I just got SAVED a Sept 30th(you can read my story if you want on my blog)...I appreciate this post.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the clarification. I have updated my post that references yours correctly. I have to tell you that I do receive some flack for our entertainment choices as well. We went without tv for a few years and have just recently added it back in so that Thomas and I can watch a few shows together at night. Our children do not watch TV at all. We do allow preapproved movies. I also watch a lot of movies, albeit from Netflix because I can never find anything good at the movie store. I have been watching classics and documentaries lately. I am quite different from my peers--even those at church. But God has convicted me. For me the challenge is sharing those beliefs as I think people think I am judging them and coming off as holier than thou. That is not my intention at all but because of my passion for the subject, I don't seem to know how to share my feelings in a way that doesn't feel threatening or judgemental to others.


Nicki said...

go and watch this video http://youtube.com/watch?v=FpJQqzJj534

I think it describes what you are saying. Our pastor has used this video in his Legacy series at church. It's pretty powerful.

Sharon said...

Nicki that was great--I want to be the extra degree.
Imagine if as the body of Christ we were each responsible for a degree. When the right amount of the body of Christ get together--we will blow them away with the power of God.

CrownLaidDown said...

I love what you have to say my Friend!

Yes, you are right...you do know where I'm going this weekend :) I wish you could come, too!

Praying for you today...for more of Him!

Denise said...

Bless you dear sister, we all need to wake up. Thanks for sharing your godly wisdom, love you,.

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

Beautiful thoughts!
Love ya,

eph2810 said...

You are right, Sharon. We do need to be more careful of what we 'let in'. We can not say one thing and do another.
I guess that is why I like old b&w movies...I am not saying that I always get it right, but I try my best.

Thank you for sharing from your heart.

Blessings on your Wednesday.