Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Are You A David In Saul's Armor?

Last night while responding to an email I began to have some, interesting to me, thoughts.
I have been thinking about how much we should disclose of our stories.
I have actually been blessed in the past when someone has trusted enough to tell me their story and then ask me to pray. This should happen, because we know that the more people praying the more the power of God is aimed at the situation.
As I was typing out some of these thoughts, God started speaking to me. Here is a little bit of the email I was getting ready to send.
I hear you speak of things going on and I think-I have so been there. But when I was there there was no one to talk to. Women need to be allowed to be truthful about who they are.
Sometimes I think maybe I should not be so open about my struggles. But then there may be a woman who is getting ready to go through something similar and she needs to see us make it through.
We are the mighty warriors of God. Maybe right now we are in the armour of Saul. It is to big and it does not fit. The church has put us in this position. Making us wear the garb because it this looks right. But God is getting us ready to step out with nothing but THE ROCK. Is that cool or what? (just so you know-God is speaking to me through this as I type) He is so gently and loving. But sometimes He has to reveal to His warrior that she has been wearing the wrong armor.

I think this time in my life is a time when God is removing the armor that does not fit His child.
There are so many things that we do because it seems right or someone told us that is the way it was to be. Sometimes the things we take on, are not even teachings of the church but of this world. And we don't even realize it because it has been a part of our lives for so long.
Nicki over at Three Girly Glitz has been talking about realizing what lies are going on in your mind. What voice are you listening to?

As God gets His "David" ready to battle "Goliath", He is going to start making us feel the discomfort of the outfit that does not fit. Just like little David, unable to move because of the weight on his legs----unable to see because of the helmet that is too big, we have been in the same position.
How many of us bought the idea that as Christians we should keep our mouths shut about the private pain in our homes?
Or part of living a faithful Christian life is always speaking the positive even when we were dealing with some real negatives?
How about if you are a female your jobs in the church are limited to nursery duty and food service?
Are there any other "pieces of armor" that you have worn in the past that you are now finding out----JUST DON'T FIT?

I think we need to speak out about these things. If we have been set free from something that was not an absolute truth, then others need to know. Although I am not thrilled about this stage in my life, I am excited about what I am going to see on the other side. Lessons learned.
Strengths gained. Lies and sin buried in the sea of forgetfulness.

Will you share a piece of Saul's armor that you have discarded?


Denise said...

Amen, preach it sister. I really understand what you are saying.

Edge of Design said...

I don't know that it would be classified as Saul's armor and in fact it's probably worse. The lie of thinking that the sword is made of rubber and not IRON is definitely a huge lie from the enemy. Jesus said "IT IS WRITTEN" and that's the power and the strength of the sword. Let's use it and not let it hang at our side.

Melanie said...

I am thankful for the women who share their struggles on their blogs. It helps me to realize that no matter how perfect they seem- that they are really just humans with struggles just like mine. I always appreciate your openess and honesty.

Mary said...

As women, we need to share our struggles AND our triumphs in order to help others that may be going through something similar.

Thank you for this wonderful message.


Halfmoon Girl said...

Wow, I am amazed at this post. I started a post about the lies we tell ourselves, but haven't finished it yet. Cool how God works. I am realizing some of the lies I have believed. I will have to finish my post later.

Pastor Lisa said...

Sometimes you really wonder if anyone else is going through or has been through what you're currently experiencing. You feel isolated and depressed...all tricks of the enemy to take the child of God out.

We really do need each other. I need to hear your testimony, you need to hear mine. We don't go through for ourselves most of the time but for someone else. As a testimony that hey God can deliver. I know...He delivered me.

And I understand you can't and shouldn't share everything in a public forum such as a blog but in a more intimate setting and the Holy Spirit is telling you to do so...it pays to be obedient.

Karen said...

A great post. Sharon I have an award for you! Oh my, I just heard on the news about the California Fires.

Jennifer said...

There was a time when I felt like my family had to appear a certain way - dress a certain way, school a certain way, do certain things, believe certain philosophies, and be very, very good, all the time in order to be accepted, validated, or valued by certain friends. I've stepped out of that "armor" of outward appearances because I realized we are a happy family, just as we are. We're not perfect, but we're learning and growing together, and we love each other, we love God, we love the Church. I've realized that my children need for me to accept them more than I need for someone else to accept or validate me. I've also realized that those friendships based upon contingents aren't really true friendships at all - and now that God has brought others into my life, I'm definitely stronger for it, and so is my
family. :)

Daisy said...

I'm a David. Right now I'm searching for stones...

Look out Goliath! :o)

try2bAsunbeam said...

You made me cry...
I look at mighty King Saul and picture little David putting on his armor, wishing he'd fit in it...struggling with that, then realizing that God's his armor and He will shield Him...
here's whimpy ol' me...God's armor is so much lighter and easier to carry and easier to put on...maybe that's why I forget it's there sometimes...

sorry for rambling...(it all makes sense in my head)

Ally said...

I really liked this post and just yesterday was in a meeting where the speaker was talking about being intimidated by the enemy and used the part where Goliath is talking to David and trying to intimidate him. The whole meaing in the Saul's armour is really good... thanks! I think you are right about sharing...it´s when we don´t that it´s easier to believe we are alone. I have learnt though that there are moments NOT to share, or not to share ALL but parts.... you know what I mean?

Blessings on you dear sister!

Regina said...

wonderfully spoken!