Friday, September 7, 2007


Hey girls (yes, and the occasional guy) just wanted to say Hi and let you know I was thinking about you. Have you ever thought that when you pull up one of your girls blogs and there is another new post--they were thinking about you? It's true.
We get ideas and we want to share--share with you.
Maybe we are having a hard time and we know YOU will think of us and stop by, listen and care.
That should make us all feel a little more needed and not so alone.
Maybe you don't feel alone but you just need to know someone was thinking about you--well here is proof.
This is my way of sharing me--with you. Me thinking about you.
You are special and I am thankful for each of your personalities and how you
add to my life.
Alright enough of the mushy stuff --someone might just start to believe I have the gift of mercy. :)

Today we hit the floor running. Last night Keith's fuel pump went out on the way home and I had to go tow him home. He thanked me for coming to pick him up--like I had an option in the matter. Can you imagine saying, Ummm dear, I just don't really feel like getting out. It's late and dark and you'll just have to stay parked in the middle of the road.

But, I will take the "thank you" because I did do it with a good attitude. Even though I had to sit and wait while he had to chat with the policemen who stopped to check us out. He knew them, and girls, my hubby has the gift of gab. Yes, I know that is usually the woman's role- but we have a little role reversal in our house.

So this morning was time to take Paw Paw to see granny at the nursing home. Usually I
stay during their visit but this time I decided to go have a little retail therapy. It is a small town and there is not much of a choice so I stopped at a clothing store and bought one shirt that was on sale for $5 bucks. Yes, I am a big spender.
Then it was time to pick Paw Paw up and we went and ate lunch.
Fried Catfish. Seem to be eating a lot more fried food lately--gonna have to watch that.
Then it was time to head home and try and stay awake in the process.

Paw Paw and I don't have the gift of gab so our 45 minute ride is usually pretty quiet.
It gives me plenty of time to think.
This morning I was thinking about a post that I read last night by Karen.
I so enjoyed her post. The ability and heart she has in tapping into the things of heaven-it just really does my heart good. I have really enjoyed the girls God has introduced me to.
She did a post on Knots and how our lives can be compared to them. My mind lately could surely be compared to a pile of knots.
And sometimes I feel like I am sitting in the middle of the floor trying to find the end so that I can get things straightened out. Problem is-- they won't be straightened out.
Here is the portion of the post that hit me.

His love for this friend was shining out in this picture. His hand was reaching out to take the rope from her hands and all the 'knots' were becoming untangled and free as he took hold.

Today as I was riding down the road it hit me--He loves ME! It made me almost feel giddy.
Now you have to know that I know God loves me. Have for a long time.
But it was as if the finger of God came down out of heaven and touched me square between the eyes and -----I KNEW. It was personal. It was tender. It was a deeper revelation.
And I pictured that little girl on the floor surrounded and covered by all those knots looking up and seeing God right there--hands held out. And I reached down a picked up a pile and raised them to Him. In His hands they were no longer rough ropes twisted and knotted.

Several times today in my spirit I have lifted those knots to Him.
And each time, His hand has been there to take them.

Got Knots?
Here is the diffinition of knots-
  1. To mix together or intertwine in a confused mass; snarl.
  2. To involve in hampering or awkward complications; entangle.
  3. To catch and hold in or as if in a net; entrap. See Synonyms at catch.
I do!
If you do too--
Give 'em to the Detangler.
And then you will feel peaceful too.


Halfmoon Girl said...

I love word pictures. I will remember this one. Thanks Sharon.

Vicki said...

Thanks for your recent visit and kind words. Hope your weekend is good!


Nicki said...

Perfect illustration for my life right now!! WOW!! =) Have a great weekend!

Denise said...

I love you my friend.

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

That was just the sweetest thing ever..

You have the most precious heart for others and our Jesus..

So glad to be your blogging friend...

Love ya

Shelly said...

Loving it girl...

Give me some detangler Jesus :) lol

Karen said...

My son is a card. My nephew as yet still has no name (they have very different name ideas hubby and wife) and my son is totally in love with the name Michael! He said he is going to name his son Michael and thinks that his nephew should have this name. You having a Michael reminded me of this. He also asked me on Saturday with a serious face "Mummy, how do babies get out then?". As his Aunt had just had a c-section I explained that way which he was happy with.