Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Let it rain!

Someone asked me to tell the story of the prophet who spoke a word over my life. This is that story and the events that surrounded it.
A few years ago our little church (about 50 or 60) started fasting and praying for the revival services we were going to schedule. Our pastor told us that he wanted to make sure we were ready and that it happened when God wanted it to.
And so we prayed and fasted.
This was after the Hurricane Katrina. Most of us were back to "normal" but there were still many workers in our area. One day our pastor received a call from a man working for FEMA (the government agency working to help people after the storm) who was looking for a place to stay while in town. He was calling churches who might have extra room for someone. He got on the internet and found our website and got the phone number from it--and then called. Girls, our little church has a big heart. If we have it we give it. Our pastor opened his home to this "stranger"-who became a blessing to us when he came and played the piano for our service. We don't have a piano player. Haven't for about 7 years. Still praying for one.
Now, I need to tell you something about the little story I just told you.
Our church does not have a website.
Never had one and we still don't have one.
Let that sink in.
When this young man found out that we were praying about having revival he said he knew someone and he was going to call them.
This was in January.
The man he was to call (he did not know this) spends the month of January fasting and praying- off by himself. He normally does not answer his phone during this time. Our new friend was not a close friend of the man he was calling-so I guess he really didn't know if he would be able to get into contact with him. The evangelist answered his phone because God told him to.
The evangelist called our pastor and said God had previously told him he would be doing a revival in Louisiana that year. Hmmmmm. This was around a Wednesday--Sunday he showed up at our church. He came to visit to meet our people.
Our pastor sat down and spent some time speaking with him and getting to know his heart.
Revival was then scheduled.
Now since this is about my story, I will start to include me in the story. :)
I would find out later that the evangelist asked my pastor why I was so closed off.
In other words----I don't take anyone or anything at face value. And, if anyone is planning on sharing with me spiritually--I am going to try and discern the heart it is coming from before I accept it. Part of this standoffish attitude is because of my past and part because of my gifting.
Sometimes it makes people think I am aloof. But I am really not.
We started getting ready in a serious way for revival. Our pastor always makes a point of telling
us that revival starts with us. Don't pray for revival if you don't want God to go into all your closest and clean out the crud.
Everyone was assigned a day to fast. Some days had more than one person fasting.
We were seeking God's face with all our might.
And then it arrived.

I guess this is going to be a long post-so if you need to take a potty break or go feed the kids--you may do so now. :)

OK, are we all back now? Good!
The day arrived and I think we were all expecting for God to show up in person.
And He did, we just didn't see Him face to face or of course I wouldn't be writing this post.
Now, I would like to remind you that we are a Baptist church. Our denomination has not in the past been one who has viewed God outside of the box that He was placed in generations ago.
Sorry if that stepped on some feet.
I wish I could explain the feeling in the air that Sunday morning when the first service began.
Charged and expectant.
After the service Bro Scott asked for anyone who wanted to receive from God to come to the altar. If God had something for me I wanted it. I am not a naturally emotional woman and as I have said, I am usually on guard--but I went forward. I held my hands, palm up, and asked God to give me whatever He had fit to. I told Him to take me--I was His.
Nothing miraculous happened. I do remember while on my knees Bro Scott coming up behind me and laying his hand on my shoulder. All he said was, this one is special. Honestly, I remembering thinking, Yes, we all are.
Now, from the outset of this revival we did not set how many days it would be held.
I will say that normal revival is three days.
Ours went 10. And then it stopped. It was a finished work.
During those days we got to know Bro Scoot and his wife. He also had some others come with him. They prayed while he served. We had some awesome times of prayer during this time.
He taught us a lot about having respect for our pastor and taking care of him through prayer.
We had time after service and before in front of the altar. God spoke marvelous things during those times. I have spoken before about how God called me to ministry when I was 18. I told Him no at that time. I guess there was a question in my mind about if God was still going to use me in that area. He answered that question for me during those days.
I wish I had had a tape recorder during those times when Bro Scott was speaking the words of God over me. It is amazing that during the past few years God would bring to remembrance things that had been spoken.
This little Baptist girl experienced some incredible things during those days. Times when in prayer I began crying (gut wrenching) for the souls of people and I could not stop. Times when I came into contact with such putrid evil in a person that I was almost frozen. Times of such close tenderness from God that when a woman wrapped her arms around me from behind during that time--I saw that she was spiritualy dead.
During one of those evenings I remember looking around at people lost in prayer. Bro Scott had been speaking over people and I began to wonder if God had anything for me. I was feeling a little jealous. Then the Holy Spirit dealt with me. I got my heart right and I thanked God for speaking to His people even if it would not be me that night. Not two seconds after I prayed that Bro Scott came over and touched my shoulder and had me stand up. He had my pastors wife and his wife stand on either side of me and then he had his wife put her hand on my abdomen and he placed his hand on hers. Then he began to speak. This is when he began to talk about me being a provoker and that God would begin to teach me that way too. That God was calling me to get out of the boat and that I would walk on water. And that God would use me to take our little church places that it would not go otherwise.
There was more that was so powerful. The presence of God was like a heavy blanket that fell over me. I did not want to resist. They laid me down on the floor and Bro Scott took off his jacket and covered me with it. I knew what was going on but I did not want to be distracted from the presence of the Lord. I did not want it to end.

That is it for now.
These experiences may be common place for some--but they were not for me.
I believe that God has given me a personality that protects me.
Years later I am still processing the things spoken over me. When the time arrives God reminds me what was spoken during that time.
I hope this has encouraged your heart. I do welcome comments and thoughts. God is still speaking through His people. He is still a God of the miraculous. If we are searching after Him with all our hears--HE WILL BE FOUND!
May you find yourself face to face with our God as you seek Him with a pure heart.
Matthew 5:8


Lisa said...

This speaker.....what was his full name. we just has a revival that lasted 5 weeks. God did some things in our lives during this. See my blog.....it will explain. The evangelists name was Brother Scott King from Anderson, S.C. Just wondering if it was him.

Nicki said...

Sharon, wow, thank you for sharing this with us. That is just amazing. Part of me morns not going to a smaller church because of this deep intimacy you've experienced with these people in your life. I believe God does have something big for you and I don't believe it's any mistake that we've "met" in blogland......God's doing something, I see it bodly. Thank you.

Denise said...

Wow, such an amazing story. God is dwelling within you my friend, you are such a beautiful example of His love.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I was trying to read that quickly as I am supposed to be putting my little ones in bed. I will have to come back, because that is not a post to be skimmed over!

Angie said...

Came over here from Holly's site. Thanks for sharing your story. I'm a native Louisiana girl although haven't lived there in a long time.