Thursday, September 6, 2007

Just Call Me The Invisible Woman

There have been many times lately that I have asked Jesus to love an individual through me. Either I did not have it in me or I knew they needed what He had to give them-in a really bad way. :) I am not, by nature or gifting and overly affectionate person, I have to really think about being merciful most of the time. Kind of like--O.K ,I see the problem here is the answer lets go.
Pretty cut and dry most of the time. I do love deeply---it just does not come to the surface easily.

I could tend to get really down on myself or I can call out to God the giver of all good things and ask Him to touch another through me. That is really a good idea anyway because then they are being touched by something heavenly.
Today I got this devotional by Elisabeth Elliot and it so spoke to me. There are going to be those days when events or circumstances or people---try and set us up for failure. What kind of failure?
The failure of not loving your neighbor as yourself.

Here is the devotional--

Constructive Love

Today will be full of turmoil, for we are moving. Decisions to be made, complicated sorting and packing to be done, hard physical work, confusion and misunderstanding. I will be tempted to "manage" things which are not mine to manage, to be impatient and anxious and vindictive--I can see it coming! But there is a quiet, steadying power--the love of Christ, and "this love of which I speak is slow to lose patience, looks for a way of being constructive" (l Cor 13:4 JBP). It is not in me. That brand of love is not a part of my nature. So I simply ask for it. Lord, your love alone, at work in me, behaves like that.

Love through me, Love of God.
Make me like thy clear air
Through which, unhindered, colors pass
As if it were not there.
--(Amy Carmichael, Toward Jerusalem)

Don't you just love the little poem by Amy Carmichael? Love through me Lord like I was not even there. That is what I am asking for today. Erase whatever I would have to give them and replace it with the beauty of YOUR love.


Nicki said...

Beautiful my friend....just awesome.

Karen said...

Cool post, those devotionals are great aren't they? The visit to the Hospital was interesting - beautiful babe, but sis in law did not speak to hubby and I throughout and avoided any eye contact, no matter what we said, did. But you know what, for the first time I was not intimidated or swayed by this, and felt this peace wash over me. A love of God for her - it had to be that God love, you know what I mean? Felt God's affirmation that we went in love. I reached over to give her a hug, and she turned away, and I was OK with that, I cuddled the baby. The enemy could have used this to harm, the Lord showed me that he has freed me from rejection and that my 'warm fuzzies' come from him and I rejoiced all the way home even in thick traffic.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I have had such an uplifting visit here today. Thank you Sharon!

MelanieJoy said...

Hey Sharon- HE did that Wed. night through the email you sent me...thanks for being a vessel.

Jackie said...

thanks for that- needed it today.