Sunday, August 12, 2007

Not so old

Keith and I taking some mandatory pictures at a family get together. Not a bad picture. A year ago I would have run from the camera. My man did the dishes today after our dinner. No, I didn't even ask. Yes, I love my man! No, not just because he did the dishes.
He puts up with me--who else would?
Mom and Dad taking the required pictures. We had to get Dad to take his glasses off
because the flash was catching the lens.

Today(Sunday)was my Dad's 69 birthday. I do hope I got that right. The other day Paw Paw asked me how old he would be and I told him--72-73? Sorry Dad!

We had the crew over and had a great time. We had some great shrimp and crawfish pasta. Yes, I fixed it and it was fabulous. It had more calories than we even want to think about --so tomorrow I will have to be careful. After our entree Dad opened his gifts and then the kids headed for the pool. (picture above)
We had some quiet and were able to sit around the table and enjoy some coffee and dessert. Nope, I did not partake in the later because I have been trying to watch myself.

We had a great time and I thought I'd include some pictures.
To the right---Me, Mom, my sister Jeannie.
Next Birthday? My son turns 18 on Thursday.
A little blast from the past. My Aunt sent this little reminder to my Dad today. Yes, that is me standing next to my Mom. I guess I am around 12 to 14.
What a hoot.Thanks Aunt Sandy!
I had to post this so that in later years no one could use it to blackmail me. :)


Halfmoon Girl said...

what a pretty picture of you, your mom, and your sis!

MelanieJoy said...

Great pictures and looks like great fun! You didn't say anything earlier about swimming- I'd have drove down for that one :) big haha no swim suits here!! A 18 yr. old son and you comment we are close in age OUCH! Just kidding have a great day Thurs.
Gotta get back to my homework!!

TammieFay said...

Great pictures my friend! Thanks for sharing! I've been away for a while...I sure have missed you! Come see me!

Karen said...

Great pictures! I love the blast from the past too. Wow, an 18 year old son. Time goes by so very fast! Happy birthday to him, hope he has a great day.

CrownLaidDown said...

Thank you for the sweet award, Sharon!

Ya'll look wonderful in your picture...and HAPPY Birthday to your Dad!

Chris' Dad turns 80 on Thursday. We wish we could be there to celebrate!
Have a wonderful Monday!!

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

Don't run from the camera- you are beautiful!

Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Nise' said...

Love to see pictures! Right now you look so much like your mom looks in the blast from the past picture! Eighteen!!! A milestone...

SunnySusan said...

Great pics my friend....old is just a number and mine is unlisted....LOL