Friday, August 10, 2007


Good morning!

It is a beautiful day here. I have spent some time with God --now I wanted to talk to you about some thoughts I had this morning.

I have been reading through 1 Corinthians and I am around chapter 15. It had some interesting things to say about spiritual gifts. Paul, also had some interesting things to say about the order of our services. I read 14 and 15 this morning and I am not sure--I am not sure that I have ever attended a service where what Paul wrote of occurred. Maybe when I attend the Brownsville revival. It was pretty incredible. I think Paul would have approved----my spirit says God did.

Several years ago God revealed to me through a few sources, that one of my gifts was prophecy. I don't talk about it often because I don't think it is necessary. It should just come out or be evident in my life as God sees fit to use it. It does not make me better than anyone else- it is to be used to edify and prepare the church for whatever God has planned. It is to be used for God's glory not to draw attention to me.
I am still learning about this precious gift God gave me or the Holy Spirit planted in me. Paul tells us that the one who has the gift is able to control it. That means two things to me. One, the person who has a gift will be orderly with it. Two, I guess if you were not walking in the Spirit--that gift might not be used for the good of those around you. Or you could refuse to say and do what God was telling you to. Poor Jonah--but he is a good example.

There have been times when I almost "wished" that I did not have this gift. Why? Because, God allows me to see things in others. Sometimes it makes me uneasy. But, I am learning to pray for them. I used to think it was my imagination. I used to think I was just being judgmental. Now I know He reveals things so that at that time I can pray for them and sometimes He gives me a word for them. I was reminded this morning that the gift is to strengthen, encourage, comfort--mainly the body of Christ. But if you read on it can also be used to show the unsaved that God is among us. COOL!

Why am I writing this? Well, it is VERY important that you know what the Holy Spirit has given you. The body needs you and the unsaved need you. God has already placed in you the gift you need to be a successful tool for the LORD. We need you.

Now you might say, "Well, I don't know about all that stuff. If God uses me fine--if not I'll just try to be a good Christian". Did you know that God is going to hold you responsible for the plans He had for you? Before the day you were born--- God had plans for you. He put in you the tools to do that job. You don't have to be scared. He goes before you. Will you make mistakes? YES!
Have I? You better believe it.

If you don't know your gift---please ask God to reveal it to you. He will show you. And then the Holy Spirit will teach you how to use it. He is our teacher remember?

If you are interested there is a great test you can take. It is free. Take it and then take the results to God and pray about it.

Spiritual Gift Analysis

I don't know why I was to share this this morning--- but I thank God that He knows.

I suspect that there will be few comments today--that's O.K. Just go read in Corinthians if you have questions. You have the mind of Christ---we can understand this stuff. The Holy Spirit will help us.

A little disclaimer here--the Bible is finished. Nothing will be added to it. But God does still speak to His children--and sometimes He uses other children to do it. Thus a prophet is someone who proclaims the words of the Lord. Sometimes it may be a specific word--sometimes it may be a verse already written. You should ALWAYS test the words by what the BIBLE says. If it does not go along with the truth found there--it is just the words of a man. THROW IT OUT!


Halfmoon Girl said...

great post- love the last bit about testing everything against the Word. I have alot to catch up on here, but yours is a blog that cannot be quickly browsed through. THat is a good thing. I will be back to read more!

Karen said...

Awesome Sharon. Embrace it and fly. I know what you mean about seeing things and thinking gulp. The first cry for others is mercy aye? prophecy flows me when the love of God flows in me more, yeah, I know that's obvious, but I just feel God's presence so much then. Sharon, have you ever experienced seeing someone and then seeing what their life would have been like if they'd not followed God? I've had this experience a few times, like God has shown me where they would be without him and it's been scary, then he has given me some word of encouragement about where God has them now and will take them. I must talk to some other prophetic folk too, as I don't know anyone else this has happened to, but I'm sure there are heaps. It stirs me to further prayer as maybe the Devil would try to tempt them back to old places, or it's to expose any hidden sin still there, but ultimately its in love, to release and to bless. Does that make any sense?

SunnySusan said...

very interesting post, my friend....think I might take that test....too one long time ago....we will see if I am the same....

Have a blessed weekend.

Karen said...

I have given you an award, you are so deserving. I read your posts with relish and know that I'm going to be stretched, blessed and inspired. You so deserve this. Will get back to your email shortly...heaps on at the moment.

Karen said...

Hi Sharon, I'm feeling pretty tired at the moment THAT time of the month imminent, will be so glad when I'm not so exhausted. Yes we went to a non christian funeral in April. Coffee group friend's hubby, it was a beautiful funeral, but so empty in terms of comfort etc as you experienced. xxxx