Saturday, July 14, 2007

A little new twist on something old and familiar

You are my Son shine
My only Son shine
you make me happy
when skies are gray
You'll never know dear how much I love you
Please don't take my Son shine away.

This morning as I was working on the pool--not doing what I should be doing--I found that there was an old familiar tune going through my head.
No I had not heard it lately-so after a few rounds through the song, I began to wonder why I was singing it.
Then it occurred to me that the Holy Spirit was singing to me.
Look at the words.

We are- on earth--His SON shine.
We are here to spread God's glory.

When our actions do not line up with His purpose and word-----we take His SON shine away.
How sad.
The skies do become gray as we spread instead, the darkness of the evil one.
He loves us so dearly.
And when our lives are not representative of His love--it is because we truly are not remembering His love.

So, short and sweet------- don't forget His LOVE.



forgiven4this said...

Aww this is so true...and so beautiful....
thanks so much

Shelly said...


Too cute! I love it :)

Karen said...

Oh wow, this is a special tune for me, and one the Lord has sung over me - only I'd missed the 'son' shine emphasis. Around the time the Lord sang this over me first, someone had a prophetic word that God called me his 'sunshine'. Actually I feel like a snarly beast this morning - the children were both really draining yesterday and Miss 4 is intent on annoying her brother again already this Sunday morning. Breaking up squabbles and having to supervise endlessly on those days make me very cross. I know I need to get over my sweet self (as Joyce Meyer) would say. I need to be more patient, Miss 4 has a cold and isn't feeling well and wants to share her displeasure I know. Hugs to you.

Karen said...

Thanks Sharon. Wow, you need to get into a House of Prayer babes, worshipping and releasing prophetic and more! There's a Warrior anointing on you. Whoah. Distracted is exactly how I feel, and agitated by the level of these distractions, so what you said has resonated. I need to get myself into gear and ready to hear. Thank you!

Karen said...

Hey there, oh for House of Prayer, I was thinking IHOP in Kansas and similar places, locations that offer 24/7 prayer - check them out, I can see you doing that. What else...oh yes, spiritual mentoring on gifts, I learned most and was challenged, encouraged etc in YWAM. In fact that is where I met people of 'like mind' who spoke my 'language'. So yes, and yes. Still being tortured by Miss 4. Grace and patience to me!