Monday, July 2, 2007

Arise O Giant

In a small valley on the side of a massive mountain-- lay a still lying giant. To the observer it was not clear if he was asleep or dead. The sky once bright and hot, now grew dark with the thunder clouds that were drawing near. The sound of thunder far off was getting louder as the minutes passed.
Snuggling into the thick lush grass the giant did not notice as a stranger quietly approached. He moved ever so carefully making sure not to step on twigs that might snap under pressure and awaken the slumbering creature. He looked nervously to the sky moving around the feet of the giant to its head. Gently he knelt down on the ground getting into a comfortable position where he could reach the head of the sleeping one.
The day had started bright and hot. The giant rose from a fitful night slumber and started out into the field not having time to take any refreshment. The duties were many and he knew if he did not get moving early he would never have time to accomplish all his plans.
As the heat of the day grew the strength of the giant decreased. He began to long for a cool retreat, a place to sit and rest for awhile. Looking out across the fields he noticed a tree on the hillside that was providing a spot of shade. Intending just to rest for awhile, he walk out of the fields and arrived a short time later under his source of relief from the heat. Finding a lush patch of grass he lay down and placed his hands under his head-- cushioned from the hard ground.
Breathing deeply of the cooler air-- he felt his body begin to relax. He knew the crop must be brought in, but the sky was clear and he was just going to rest for a little while.
His small nap turned into an hour and then two--he had not been sleeping well because of disturbing dreams and his body was exhausted. Sleeping deep at last, he did not notice the clouds that began to roll in. First, just light fluffy clouds moving gently along with the winds. But soon the clouds began to mass together covering the sun. As the day became slightly cooler the giant rolled over snuggling into the hill for a little warmth. Slumber became sweet and deep.
The sky darkened and the wind began picking up, electricity field the air. It was as if the sky were becoming angry. The thunder that was once far off was now over head.
What the giant did not realize, was that when he rolled over, instead of his head being cushioned by his hands-- he was now resting in the lap of the stranger. Each time the lightening would light the sky-- the stranger would reach down and place his hands over the ears of the slumbering giant. The storm was gathering fiercely now--the wind causing the branches of the tree to wave like hair blown and tossed by the wind.
Disturb by something- the giant shifted his weight and with eyes still closed, began to listen to what was going on around him. Like a dreamer waking suddenly from the middle of a strong dream-- at first he thought he was still dreaming. Then he began to acknowledge the strange song playing in his head, the voice of a stranger singing a familiar song but with different words. It disturbed him deeply.
Rolling over he sat up, waiting for a minute to get his bearing. And then the panic set in.
How long had he been asleep? He shook his head and wondered at the strange melody and words still lingering in his mind. Looking around he saw no one singing-- he was alone.
And then he saw the sky! His heart began to pound as he smelled the approaching rain. He realized he had slept too long.

How long had he been asleep? The crops were now in danger.

Would the storm hold?


SunnySusan said...

Cool~~~~~I want more now.....

Be Blessed

Halfmoon Girl said...

ooh, a cliff hanger!

SunnySusan said...

You are too funny Sharon

RYC~~yes, sometimes you do want to slap them....LOL