Friday, June 22, 2007

Walking it out

I need to understand --that is me. I want to know--that is me.
To see others in my life wandering haphazardly........ drives my crazy.
Walking by faith is hard.
Hard when you are looking for evidences of God's purposes and plans to make sure you don't make a mistake--and you can't see anything and don't understand what and why things are happening.
Can I trust God to be faithful to His purpose?
Will the truth of His words make it through all the muddle of our lives?
I need to know that I can trust that what the Bible says fits all circumstances.
That there is not going to be a time in my life when I take something to the Bible and I find, hmmmmm.........nope that does not work.
Sound like I am floundering?
Maybe. Probably not.
I have a friend that is either being tossed about by Satan or she is running from God.
She thinks she knows what has become truth to her.
But, what does the Bible say?
The Bible says that God hates divorce. What if you truly think you made a mistake? What if you think you were looking for a father figure and ended up with a husband instead?
Dear God--how do we encourage your people to believe that You can fix all things?
Do we really know that what You say is flawless?
Psalm 18:30--"As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is flawless.
He is a shield for all who take refuge in him."

So God is asking me in my beliefs to get out and walk it out......... on the water.

I stand up in the boat and walk to the edge. The water is rough and the wind is tossing the boat. My hair blows around my face blocking my eyes and stinging my face with its dampness.
Standing by the side of the boat I realize the water is too far down to neatly put my foot over the side of the boat and step on the water. I will have to step up on the seat and jump with both feet. My heart is pounding and the sound of the blood pumping in my veins is deafening.
I see Him, and........ oh how I want to be with Him.
There is so much space between us. Why won't He come a little closer?
He could just give me His hand and help me out of the boat.
And then I hear His voice, "Sharon, I am moving on. You know me and you have heard me tell you to get out and walk. Look into my face and jump now!"
With my eyes locked on His, I bend my knees and leap!
Such fright and peace at the same time...I would have never imagined it.
And then I feel the water.
My bare feet hit the surface and it gives way slightly beaneath my feet, my heart did not work! But just as I beginning to look down --I realize that there is hard substance under my feet. And my heart soars! Now running, I reach for Him--the object of my faith and hope.
Like a little child--knowing I don't have to ask permission to touch him---I throw my arms around his waist and lay my wet head upon his chest.
"Thank you, thank you for making me prove that it works really works. Help me , help me help others see that they can get out of the boat too.
My friend needs to know that you did not allow her to make a horrible mistake. She needs you in the middle of this storm. Show her yourself in the darkness she is walking through."

Looking up into his eyes, as I speak, I am overwhelmed by the look of love in His eyes. I want to lower my eyes His gaze is so imtimate...but, I find I can't. Instead, to my complete surprise, I rise on my tippy toes and kiss him on the cheek.

This time the kiss was given by one who had not betrayed him.

Thanks for listening and watching what takes place inside my brain.
He is worthy..............I will not turn back or stay in the boat.
Come with me?

As a side note I would like to say that this is not a post about divorce--it is about my faith walk and working out in my life what the Bible says.


Debrand said...

Surely, I want to walk on His water. Thank you for the beauty and simplicity of faith. Hope your friend finds the truth.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I have found myself in the same situation with friends- sometimes the very friends that called my first husband out when he committed adultery and was unrepentant. I found that these friends were often unreachable at that point and had chosen to look at things from a perspective that pleased them and their desires. So, I prayed. A few went on to break their vows and leave. I think it is important to show His love and grace after they fall back down to earth and realize that the grass wasn't greener.

Karen said...

Ah the complex emotions of the heart that battle with our faith. Having been through a divorce in my 20's, I have great empathy. It took 2 of us to stay together and I was the one that was left, tried to reconcile a few times, I put my life on 'hold' for 2.5 years because I wanted to see what God would do, but to be honest I did not love him anymore (first hubby). I married very young and very swiftly. So to finally bring the divorce petition was very difficult indeed, but God in his uttermost grace and mercy showered me with his love and blessings. I met my wonderful second husband, my beloved, my gift from God and I am an older, more mature christian now, not the 'girl' of my 20's. So sometimes having been in a situation can give you that deeper understanding, but you know, the ultimate is God reigning supreme, faith that can move mountains, walking on water with him. Sometimes God's ways are not are ways...hard to explain, hope you didn't mind my perspective.

SunnySusan said...

Im in all the way.....

Be Blessed

rebekah fox said...

hi, i came across your blog via someone else, what you write is real interesting... simple and good and inspiring... keep it up. becky