Sunday, June 24, 2007

My answer to the challenge

I was over at Three Girly Girlz and she issued a kind of chalenge. We were to put the following video on our blog and tell why we love our America.
Now I know some of ya'll just share a Father with me and not a flag--thats O.K.---- because you can celebrate that some of our founding fathers were your spiritual brothers. Like how I gave you a connection?
Our flag stands today because a group of Godly men chose to protect our freedom. And since those days, there have been many other men and women who have stepped up to the plate.

I love that I can get on the web and freely talk about how I love God. I can talk about going to church without fear that someone will show up at our next service and arrest everyone.
I love that I can go to the library or local book store and check out or buy a Christian resource or novel.
And even though we may not agree with everything our president does and says, I love that he says he has a relationship with my God. So I guess I could say that my brother is the President. How cool is that?
If I did this right you should be able to watch a video by Michael W Smith.


Nicki said...

YAY!! Loved it!! =)

Halfmoon Girl said...

very cool- our hearts stood still with you all in the US on Sept 11th.