Monday, May 28, 2007

Second post Monday--What Is Your Dream

I have been tagged by my girl 'Nise over at Under The Boardwalk. I like the concept of this MEME. It is important to write a dream down and speak it. So thanks 'Nise for tagging me.
She was tagged by Leigh. If you have not gotten a chance pop over to her sight and read awhile---she also has some neat purses for sale. Now you know you have to go on over!

Leigh from Speaking Thru Me got to thinking about a sermon her Pastor recently gave about promises and speaking the Word and Believing!! And came up with this meme: What are your dreams? Not things that God has promised you, but things you dream about or things that you whisper in His ear. What are you believing God for? Be bold, Be Honest, Be courageous!

I am believing God that one day soon my son will talk to me about how long he has missed out on a close relationship with God--and that God has been speaking to him and how sweet it is.

I am believing God for a new house and I am believing HIM TO LEAD US TO IT!

I am believing God for the ministry He told me I would have and I am trusting that He IS preparing me for it. And that when the time is right--He will let me know.

I am believeing God for a house closer to our church so that I can have women's group there and not have to be concerned about when to schedule it around the care of my father-in-law. I would like it to have a big livingroom that is open to the dinning room Kitchen area. I do like to entertain and the house we are in now is almost perfect. I would love to think we could stay here--if not I know that whatever God has will be better than this!

I am believing God loose the rest of my weight and keep it off. For my love affair with food to be over.

I am believing God to take me places in the Spirit that are going to blow my mind! I am serious about this. If God can take people like Paul and John to place that they could not even speak of--I would like to go to. Do I know there will be prices to pay? Yes. So... when I am screaming for the swirl to stop--remind me of this dream please.

I am believing God for the ( total ) healing transformation of my friend Robert.

I am believing that God is going to raise my husband up to be a consistent spiritual leader in our family.

Now it is your turn. And I am going to tag some people. This is a good growing experience and we all need to be reminded of the mighty power of our God. So here goes.......I tag........Dee, Jenny, Karen, Halfmoon Girl, and Deborah. Now girls--this is for the glory of God. So Go For It!


Leigh Gray said...

love the dreams girl - go for it - ask for confirmations and see what HE does...

Have a great Memorial Day!

Dee said...

Love the dreams too! Thanks for tagging me (I think!) -- I'll do it, but I'll have to do some pondering before! I think it's good to think about our dreams -- sometimes we get so caught up in the hubbub of life and we forget them.

Flax oil is known to help with skin and also Omega 3s. You might want to check on the needs of the elderly for PawPaw though -- so that you can get results quicker? One big thing that I find is to not use soap. I know that sounds odd to us clean freaks, but there are cleansers out there that aren't soap based and aren't drying. D

Halfmoon Girl said...

Thanks for sharing your dreams. i will do the tag, but I need some more time to think! Can someone fill me in on when Memorial Day actually is? Is it today? We don't have that here in Canada. I saw some posts on it last week, but I think the actual day is today.

eph2810 said...

Thank you for sharing what you are believe that God will do in your life. Dream big, girl, because we know that He will lead us to fulfill our dreams.
I almost posted a "Believing God" entry today, but was led to a different topic :)

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Be blessed today and always.

Deborah said...

Hey you thanks that was my first tag, have a look it was so much fun. love me

gail said...

Hi Sharon, all the way from Australia!!!
I am believing God for a couple of the same things as you:)If you looked at my blog way back in January you would have seem that my son and I went to Passion in the U.S. Atlanta to be precise.God moved in my son's heart but he hasn't acted on it yet.So I'm still believing .
Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.If it wasn't for the blood of Jesus we'd all be lost.

Nise' said...

Love what you are believing God for, anytime we choose to believe God it is credited to us as righteousness. I am loving how the study "Believing God" that I did four years ago is washing anew all over me!