Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Paw Paw--my helper

This is Paw Paw and Granny at a family reunion two years ago. Neither have change much as far as looks and they are now 91 and 81. This is a second marriage for them. Her spouse passed away 18 years ago and my first mother-in-law, 17 years a ago.

When Mr Bert and Nita were in grade school they went to school together. Mr. Bert had his eye on two girls who were best friends. Nita (granny) had an older brother who looked out for Mr Bert.
But one day the two girls told him he would have to choose which of them he was interested in. He chose Mrs Mildred, my first Mother-in-law. She was a people person-like my man. I don't think she ever met anyone who could have possibly disliked her. She took care of everyone--including me. I could really blame some of my beginning weight problem on her cooking. She was a great cook.
When my husband was having problems making up his mind about marriage, she and Mr Bert told me if Keith did not marry me --they would. They knew a good thing when they saw it. :)

Keith and I ended up eloping and did not tell anyone right away. Mrs. Mildred wanted her baby to have a big church wedding. A week before that wedding she passed away suddenly.
We had an instant family as Keith's Dad, who was 75, moved in with us.
About two months later he received a card from Nita. He went up to visit her and that was the end of the story. Nine months after Mrs Mildred passed away--he married Nita.
He said life was too short to live by yourself--we agreed.

They have been married for 16 years. A month ago she took a turn for the worse and her daughter put her in a nursing home. Paw Paw had to go with her because she was his eyes. He hated the place and could not afford to stay either mentally or financially. And as soon as we could we brought him home to live with us.
I have my baby back. What do they say about marrying your children off and them coming back? :)

They love each other and it has been really hard on Mr Bert. I have seen him quietly crying as he remembers the one he had to leave behind.

Today he wanted to help. There was really nothing he could do--he can hardly see. He is legally blind. But as I got up and started vacuuming I noticed Him walking not far behind carrying the cord--watching as best he could to make sure it did not get caught on anything. My heart was touched. He moved little things out of the way so that I could vacuum without having to stop. (He must have done this for granny many times.)
And when I was finished He unplugged the vacuum so that I could wind up the cord.
We had done the job together--it must have reminded him of him and Nita. He was the strength and she was his eyes. How sweet he is. I pray I will always make him feel right at home.

Does this remind me of another relationship?
You know it does.

There is someone else who needs me as a partner. He asks me to allow Him to lead and me to follow. For me to be a body that is controlled by His hand and His heart.
We are a couple that are not to be found apart.
Do I hurt when I find I have moved on without Him?
If He is my heart--I will.


SunnySusan said...

Awww~he seems so sweet...

Be Blessed

dewey said...

Sharon, this really touches my heart, and I am reminded so much of my Mom as she steped in to this same position.

Each one of us has a heart felt emotion to be needed and experience a sense of worth.

I know how much she longed to feel needed and of value by those around her. You will understand what I mean when I say that the response you have to Mr. Bert is based upon Christ in your heart.

What about letting Julia and Mr. Bert record a "journey down memory lane"? Let her be the report, come up with a series of questions and then interview Mr. Bert. What a great opportunity to record family history and give them something to do together while she is home during the summer.

Love you, MOM

Dee said...

Sweet story! You are doing a good thing. God bless & you're in my prayers. D

Dawn ; ) said...

Your story blessed and I am grateful that you shared it w/us. Thank you. ;D