Monday, December 31, 2007

Pay It Forward

The day has finally arrived!
For those of you have participated in Pay It Forward----
I posted this picture and gave you all a week or so to guess what the object was. We have had several great guesses and TWO hit it right on the nose. Here is the original post that I posted back in April. Our world of blogging is really just a remake of an old tradition. Please read the following and you will know without a doubt what the above object is.

Years ago I used to read a massive amount of romance novels. I loved the historical ones. The traditions and the way of life have always fascinated me. Pictures of ladies in fancy dresses concerned only about what they would wear to a ball, tea served in front parlors, men gallantly rushing in to protect a lady--who wouldn’t love to disappear into this world. But alas, those are days gone by. Or are they?
I started blogging a short while ago. Something about the whole blogging process was bringing something of those days of old to mind. When I started someone told me to make sure I visited plenty of blogs and make sure to leave comments. I thought how strange, why would that be so important? I then found out that when you leave a comment on a blog, the polite response is to acknowledge the comment with a return visit to the site of the commenter. Then it hit me, I had taken a step back in time. What we call comments are really just calling cards of days gone by. Here is a little history.
“The use of calling cards was perceived as "high style", carried by "well-to-do" ladies and gentleman who made a point to call on friends and family on specified days of the week or month. The term "Calling" or the verb "to call" was a common Victorian term for making a visit. The card was left at the door, or in the front parlor in a silver urn, basket or "Card Receiver". These receivers were placed to hold cards for the family, whether they be home or not. Cards left reminded the family of who had called, thus requiring a visit in return.
A lady would start making calls immediately upon arriving in town. This would notify everyone that her family had arrived. The card was conveyed to the mistress of the house, who would then decide whether or not to receive the caller. Out of respect, no questions or inquiries as to the whereabouts of the residents or the mistress were asked during the initial visit.
If the mistress was 'not at home', it was a rejection of the visitor. A reciprocal card may be given to the caller, but if none was given formally, this generally indicated less desire to further the acquaintance. However, if formal calls were given, there was hope for the relationship to grow.
Formal calls were made following ceremonial events such as engagements, marriages or childbirth, and also as acknowledgment of hospitality. After a specific event, it was courteous to make a call within a week for all condolences and congratulations.
Standard practice of all calls were returned the same as presented. Example of a call, a card with a card, within one week, or at the most, ten days. If a family was temporarily leaving the area, they wrote P.P.C. (pour prendage conge) on their cards when they called.”
Does all this sound familiar? We have actually been practicing what some would have called "high style living". We prepare an attractive entrance way for our visitors and leave a “tray’ for them to leave proof of their visit. If we know them, they can expect a return “call”. If new visitors leave appropriate "calling cards" that catch our eyes--they can be sure to receive a return visit. Some sites have lots of calling cards. These “homes” become the social place to be found. In a scary world it could be like stepping back into high school again. (Heaven help me--not again)
To our benefit, I have found only a polite society. Calling cards most often are returned and some that were received have been “Formal”, and relationships have begun to grow. I love this new neighborhood and its little traditions. I love being able to stop in and see who is home. Staying for a short while with those I am just getting to know and a little longer with those that I am familiar with.
Isn't it nice to know that we are a part of an old tradition? We are not so mod in our ways. Sometimes the ways of old are good. In those days it led to a community of people who knew what was going on in each others lives. It made friends of women who spent time with each other.
We need that so much today. I need to know that when life is good there is someone to share the details with. And, I need to know that when life is hard I have someone who knows me and cares about what I am going through. We need each other.

I thank God for my little social community. When you stop ---please, leave your "calling card". I promise to get back with you within the acceptable time.
And, I promise that in my home your calling card will not be rejected.

And if you are new to our little neighborhood, WELCOME!

Pictures are of old Victorian calling cards.

Pretty cool little piece of history isn't it?
I thought so.
Two girls hit the answer right on the head. Our dish is a calling card dish. It would have been left in the front hall and when ladies would come to call
they would leave their card in the little bowl.
So.......... to the two ladies who left the correct response- I will be sending off the following
Please remember that the winners should also have a PAY IT FORWARD in the near future.
You may do whatever you like to pay it forward.

The first gift will go to Halfmoon Girl. If I remember correctly she does not care for coffee- so I make a little selection for her from my favorite store. There is an assorted selection of apple cider and two different types of tea. One is Peppermint tea and the other is a loose English Breakfast tea. Enjoy girl!

The other correct answer came from Holly of Crown Laid Down. She really impressed me with her research. She even found the web page where I found the picture to display for this contest. Way to go girl!
I am pretty sure that Holly shares my love for coffee. You will need some milk for this Holly--with chicory, it is pretty potent. This coffee would be used for our Cafe Au Lait-
half coffee and half hot milk.
Your coffee will also be coming with Beignet mix. If you have ever been to New Orleans you would have surely gone to Cafe du Monde. They are famous for their coffee and beignets. Beignets are square donuts topped with powder sugar-- I grew up on these. Just don't sneeze while eating them. And don't wear black.
Enjoy these with your family Holly.

I will be getting these all in the mail in the next few days.
Thank you guys.
This was fun!

Thank you for being a huge part of my life this past year. You are all very special to me. I thank God for brining you all into my life.
Looking forward to an incredible new year with you all at my side.


Kate said...

Princess Kathryn was here. :)

I love your post. I used to be very much into the Victorian era. I believe I still have some of the first magazines Victoria put out (before all the ad's overtook the mag). AND...If I ever marry, I have all the attire picked out & patterns ready to go for my ballroom reception...I'm still a romantic at heart and Victorian ways are simply divine!

OOOOoooooh Cafe AuLait and Beignet's. When I visited LA this past May (I think it was time flies--along with my memory), my friend took me to Cafe Du Monde...oh...nothing like them. I also have a pic of the man that plays his trumpet outside the Cafe and raises his trumpet to the Lord forever it seems before he opens with Amazing Grace and the Benediction. Ahhhh Good Times!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Oh, oh, my first blogging win!!! Thank you! You are right- I am not a fan of the taste of coffee- love the smell though, so I am glad my hubby drinks it. I am a tea granny, so will look forward to trying my new kinds out! I am excited about paying it forward- I will have to get the details straightened out and do this sometime this week. Take care

Regina said...

wow, very interesting!

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Blessings, Regina

MelanieJoy said...

How neat! You are always able to tie together illustrations in such a neat way. I love your thoughts.
Well, here we go a new year and a new chapter in our lives...side by side...I like that.
I love the Message version of Amos 3:3 "Do two people walk hand in hand if they aren't going to the same place?"
Now that's cool. That sounds like blogland too.

Kellan said...

Very cool - and such a great connection to our world of blogging friendship!!! I have enjoyed getting to know you and hope you have a wonderful New Year. I hope to see you often in 2008 - see you then. Kellan

Denise said...

how fun was that..... and I love the way you have used it to describe the blogging community... I will make sure to leave my calling card with all the special ladies here on the net....... and I am so sure that they will come to visit one day.........

Happy New Year


try2bAsunbeam said...

The writing I am learning is what they would've used for those calling cards...but I had NO idea what the dish was! That history was very neat for me to learn.

Thanks for your ramblings at my *home*...

Bev Brandon said...

BEIGNETS!!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME I WOULD HAVE KEPT ON RESEARCHING!!!! I tried! I ate beignets growing up at The French Market in New Orleans probably every week of my life. I'm stuck on the beignets and should be blogging about Victorian Thank you for doing this Sharon. It was fun even though I lost. I want to know how Holly found that exact picture on a web page---hmmm! Thank you for being hospitable to my soul, to all of our souls, this year. You're a gem! There are 123 happy orphans who will have a taste of God because of you. And one more thing, I changed the version of the Bible that we are going to pray through this year. Changed to chronological so we can link to Kate and get it on podcasts, too. If my savvy self can figure out how to do just that! Love you my are a joy to blogland! Happy New Year! Bev

Denise said...

Happy New Year my dear sis, I love you.

Lisa said...

What a wonderful piece of history!

Congratulations to Halfmoon Girl and Holly! Great goodies!

May the Lord richly bless your New Year, Sharon! :o)

Lysa TerKeurst said...

Now that is such a cool piece of history! So, here's my card. I was here and glad that I was! Happy New Year Sharon~
And Beignet's--- yum, yum and yum! My mom used to make those when we were kids. Is there a place to order that mix?

CrownLaidDown said...

How very, very exciting!!!

Thank you, Sharon! You bless me so much...and I am so thankful to have you as a friend. I am especially praying to have a get together in 2008...maybe San Antonio? Maybe Colorado? Praying for that! Yes, I will pay it forward...I think I will post about it tomorrow.
Much love and thanks!
PS Happy Birthday Keith!