Monday, April 9, 2007

Fight The Good Fight!

I have a sister who needs us to come along side and hold her arms up while the battle is going on. We must have victory! She is weak and heavy laden and she needs some rest. But the battle is at its peak. Will it be lost?
Can we fight the good fight?
She is loosing her husband to an overpowering addiction. Drugs.
She went to the pastor of the church she was attending and the body of Christ let her down.
Her children are on the line. If her ex becomes aware of the battle that is going on --she could loose the children. Her ex is not a Christian. She is a good mother and dearly loves her boys. So does her new husband. At the moment his eyes are blinded.
Her new husband is a Christian(they have been married just under a year)--but he is being lead around by Satan. He went through some really rough things several years ago and has been fighting a life of deep depression that has driven him to the path he is now on. (Not an excuse, God is able to deliver us from anything)
She is a young Christian. She needs to know this whole thing works. That the prayers of a righteous woman availeth much.
She fasted for the first time last week. She felt the tremendous presences of our Lord.
Our church will be having a meeting of the men on Wednesday night. Our pastor is praying for a plan straight from the mouth of God.
I told him that I am ready to fight and am already. I feel the need to show the enemy how mighty our God is. The world has said it can not help this man, he is without hope.
My God says that is a lie.

Picture a steep cliff. On the edge a woman laying on her stomach grasping at the hands of one who has already gone over. She needs someone to grab her feet so that she is not pulled over also. (Remember the scripture that says be careful when coming along a brother who is in sin so that you don't also fall.)
Will you grab her feet?
Will you join us in praying that God will give her husband a repentant heart or whatever God tells you to pray. Pray for the two young boys. Pray that Lauree, will be emptied out so that the grace of God can then fill her. Pray that she will stand in what she knows to be truth.
Pray that God sends in some extra fitting forces from heaven. How we need some mighty forces from Heaven to fight the battle in the heavenlies that we can not see.
How I pray that God will give you a passion for this cause. That deep within your spirit you will hear the groaning of the Holy Spirit as He prays the will of the Father for this family.
Our God has plans--the power behind those plans is released when we pray and praise. God inhabits the praise of His children. And where He is ---Satan can not be.
Thank Him for the victory that is going to take place.
For the grace that is sufficient to carry Lauree and her boys through to the other side.
And thank God for the glory He is going to receive when this husband, forgotten and abandoned by this world, rises to give God the glory for pulling him out of the pit and placing his feet on the ROCK.

If you will join us in this fight---here is my email address me know so that I can let Lauree know she has sisters who are fighting the good fight. I'll keep ya'll updated by this blog. Please pass the word.
Thank you!
You are planting seeds that will bring about a great harvest in your own family.


Dee said...

Praying for Lauree. Love that sand/water icon eh? I wanted to add that to my blog this morning w/ a verse about our sins being washed away, but I wasn't feeling well & couldn't find a text. Maybe tomorrow. D

eph2810 said...

I surely will lift her up in prayer. Thank you for sharing, Sharon.