Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A little pollen --a little rain-a little sweet time with Him

As I am writing, it is raining. If you have ever been camping in the rain, you know the sounds I am hearing. The soft patter of the rain as it falls on our camper roof. I love it.
It is cool enough outside(mid 70's) to open the door and really enjoy the weather.
With the warm weather comes the blooming of flowers and pollen. I am a normally healthy person but when the pollen comes, with it comes the headaches. But I did get out for my bike ride and the weather was cool and their was plenty of moisture in the air.
A few days ago I planted a blueberry bush and rosemary (my favorite herb) , so the rain was great. Simple times like these remind me how much I love him.
I have a thank you flip chart, each day is different. Yesterday we were to remember to thank him when you plant something and it actually grows.
Life can be hard but in the quiet times he will reminded of his tender ways of love, if we let Him.

Here is a little something that I wrote a few years ago. I don't know if you guys enjoy journaling- but I do. Sometimes I like to go back and remember things I was going through or things God taught me. Here was a little something God taught me. Enjoy!

The Angels Song  

Mommy, Mommy it'€™s the angels'€™ song
They are praising our Savior, All the day long
They are waiting to hear, our voices raised with their song
They'€™ve been waiting for years, they'€™ve been waiting to long
They raise their voices
As His glory they behold
They cry Holy, Holy, Holy
As His perfect works unfold
Do you see His hand daily
Do you raise your voice in His praise
Do you cry with the angels
Holy is His name


Several years ago while my daughter was cleaning her room we heard quite a
commotion, and then she asked us to come quickly. Thinking it was just time to get this four year old back on track; I wandered back to her room to see what was wrong. She was listening to her tape, glued to one spot. When I asked what was wrong, she told me she had just heard the angels singing. Smiling at her clever maneuver to get out of cleaning her room, I asked her to explain what she meant. She had me rewind the tape and then let it play. As it came to the spot she had been talking about, her eyes lit up and she began to point to the recorder. I heard the voices raised in unison calling God, Holy.
We know from certain sections of the Bible that angels stand around the throne
crying ,"€œHoly, Holy"€ I quickly asked her how she knew this. Her response
both shamed and amazed me when she looked up into my face and said,
"€œMommy, I heard them in my dreams."€
I just about hit the floor. Since she was big enough for us to say her nightly
prayers together, I had prayed for God to give her good dreams about Himself and
His angels. I guess I never really thought about what I prayed; I just did'n€™t
want her to have the bad dreams I had had as a little girl. I have never concentrated
on angels. They are the servants of God and they do His bidding.
I pray that I never again take for granted what I pray, that I never so glibly
throw my prayers toward heaven, not really expecting them to be answered. May, I
spend the rest of my life in an act of worship that proclaims- Holy, Holy is His name.


Andrew & Dawn said...

Just checking something here -- D

Debrand said...

Awesome. I often think that children are in tune to heaven.