Sunday, March 18, 2007

Just A Little Reminder

Just a reminder that tomorrow is,
MAKE MY MONDAY. Mrs. Nufon, will be stopping by to start her week with a little humor. And has requested that, "if you are partial to leavin a little humor yerself" she would love to view yours in the comment section. If you have any questions about Mrs. Nufon you can click on the title of this post and it should take you to the original introduction to our guest tomorrow.

Now to everyday business. How was church today? There was a whole lot of dancing and sweating behind our pulpit this morning. Yes, and I even go to a Baptist church. Normally known for their lack of dancing. Well, now I will admit that it was not your normal kind of dancing. But, when the Spirit starts moving--so does our pastor. And today the Spirit was on fire. Yes, I know the Spirit is always on fire but today our pastor was carrying a little extra. My husband has threatened to bring my video camera and tape it so that we can show Brother Tim what we see. It is great to see a man full of the Spirit. Hey, the people in the New Testament thought the people were drunk--ours just dances.
There are lots of pastors that sweat when they preach. For the most part I think it is because of the lights-but we are a small church and there is no fancy lighting. So when Brother Tim starts a sweatin'---- it is because the fire of God is descending. Now, I don't know why but my husband seems to think he needs to alleviate the heat. And so today he spent most of the first part of the sermon trying to cool our pastor down by lowering the air and then turning on a fan. Finally he just gave up and went in to the kitchen, got a hand towel and gave it to him. LOL
It was about how we move forward in our relationship with God. A little repenting (only God can give you a heart to do this), a little pleading (for a new heart-ready to do His will as you read the Bible) a little dying (gotta be willing to say goodbye to the flesh-fight the good fight) and then a little rest (before the next struggle begins). That is the short of it, we go the long. :)
But it was sooooo good!
I need to go and study. I have a new study starting on Wednesday and I am not ready. Going to study to show myself approved before God--not women (well maybe them too).


Tracy said...

Well, you didn't walk away "hungry" this time! Isn't God great, He gives you that good old Holy Ghost work out. I wish I could have been there to see it.

Got to go write to you now, I'm already running out of time.


Sharon said...

Good to see you have been reading. I was beginning to wonder if you had dropped of the face of the earth. Look forward to hearing from you.I have a funeral to go to today. So I have to go get my bike ride in before i have to leave. The twins(at our church)Mom passed away yesterday morning and they are having the funeral today.So I will respond to comments later this evening. Have great day. Go With Jesus!