Friday, March 30, 2007

Identity Theft

This past week we found out that someone was spending money out of my husbands business account. He is the owner- so he knew it was not him. The bank called and asked Him if he was aware of the spending trend. He told then no, someone was using his card. They had spent almost 500 in just a few days. He checked his wallet--he did not realize that his card had been stolen. And the surprise-- the card was still in his wallet. We are aware these days that there are many different ways to get card information. God Knows.
Our thanks to the bank that they recognized that this type of spending was not normal for this account. The card was canceled and the thief has still not been found.

God started talking to me about the spiritual application behind this incident. The world has all of a sudden become aware of the fact that identity theft is becoming a popular past time for some sick individuals. But, in truth it has been taking place for thousands of years.
As a child of God or a Christian--Satan is always about the business of stealing our true identity. He uses the world around us to try and change us from our life as a "little Christ" into something that points to him instead.Then our lives, like a credit card--become his vehicle to get where he wants to go. He takes away what is stored up and available for all of us as Christians.
With every action , he takes away our right to peace and joy and in its place he leaves us with a back log of guilt and things that we must get sorted out.
Now, if we have been keeping an on going close relationship with the Spirit of God, He like the bank can let us know that the activity taking place in our lives is not matching up with our normal activity. It is then up to us to evaluate what the Spirit is showing us.
Because my husband worked with the Bank on the issue of the theft-----they did not make him pay the five hundred dollars. They credited his account and his account was back to normal.
When we go to God about our account and get things right with Him--He fixes our account(clears the debt) and gives us back the peace and joy that was taken. Once again we move forward in our righteousness.

Do you know if you identity in Christ is being stolen?

Here are some areas or situations that can promote identity theft for Christians:

1. T.V. programs that do not honor the guidelines that are set for us by God in the ten commandments.
2. Books that draw our heart away from God to this world and it's desires.
3. Talk from others that pollute our way of thinking.
4. And if what you are involved in is not-- true,noble,right,pure,lovely,admirable,excellent or praiseworthy---you should not be letting the touch or inter the temple of God. That is US.

According to Philippians 4:8-9--if you stay away from things and do not think on things that do not fall in these guidelines----"THE PEACE OF GOD WILL BE WITH YOU".



Nise' said...

Sharon, great post to remind me not only to be aware of identity theft (I almost put it on my 3 things I'm scared of) but to be most diligent in protecting our identity in Christ!

Deena said...

Isn't it funny/sad how we can get all riled up over someone stealing our identity and ruining our credit/draining our bank account...and yet never give thought to what the devil robs us of as our inheritance in Christ???

Great blog...good reminder...

CrownLaidDown said...

I'm so glad that the bank had your back. Praise God, I'm glad He has our back! This happened to me last year, and like you they covered it. Praise God!

He paid a debt, He did not owe, I owed a debt, I could not pay...Christ Jesus paid a debt that I could never pay. Have a great weekend, friend!