Thursday, February 22, 2007

Yes, It is still me don't leave!

We can change our hair color(as you know I don't), our nail color(just on my toes because if i paint my finger nails I feel like they can not breathe. Please explain that) and our fashion color-------why not our blog?
Please be patient with me. My brother was sweet enough to make some changes and I lost them. :( Sorry! I wanted something different. For those of ya'll who know me---this is me. I have a fondness for lighthouses and sailboats.It would be nice if the colors were a little bolder. Why is this me? Not sure. I did feel as though I identified with lighthouses for a long time. First, it was because I felt like I was out there all by myself. Now of course it has spiritual application. Yes, that is me--spiritual application everywhere I look. A new parable around every corner. It is how my mind works. Part of my spiritual gift I assume.
I have collected lighthouses in the past. (The picture on my sight was taken in Hatteras by me.) I had to stop because my house began to look like a shop for lighthouses. Now I am enjoying sailboats. I would like a wall in the new house on which to put some of these.
NEW NEWS: I bought a bike yesterday because my DD has been pestering me to go on walks around the neighborhood. And since exercise is a "good thing" I am going to participate.
I even got a special seat to protect my seat. I'll let you know how it works.

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Joe Viljoen said...
See mt lighthouse blog.