Friday, February 9, 2007

I Just Had To Say Something

Have you ever watched those in the public eye and wished that just for a moment you could sit down with them and tell them about the hope that lives in you? I first felt that way with Princess Diana. I was in High School when she got married--I thought she was living a dream. And then as her life unfolded my heart began to hurt for her. I prayed for her often. I asked God to let me meet her or bring someone into her life to tell her about Jesus. I was on bed rest pregnant with my daughter when she died. I hurt so bad.
Recently I began to feel emotionally attached to another public female. Anna Nicole Smith--She passed away yesterday. Leaving behind a baby girl who is five months old. My heart was so heavy when I heard the news. She was such a sad woman. She needed so dearly to know that her Daddy God in Heaven loved her so. I pray she became aware of God before she died.

Yesterday two women came into my yard to encourage me. I knew they did not believe as I did. Many times I have heard Christians who said they were afraid to answer the door because they did not know what to say. How sad. How sad for the ones who need to know the prince of peace. Who need to know the joy of the Lord that is our strength. We had a lovely conversation. After they finished I told them how much I depended on my relationship with God. How He fills me with strength and how I depend on His love. If you understand this ---I was on fire while I was speaking. Or should I say--while God was speaking to them. It was awesome. The woman had an amazed look on her face. She said, "We came here to encourage you , but I am leaving encouraged". She asked if she could come back and talk, and of course I said, yes! And Dee if you are reading this --I spoke with them just after I had completed my study. He filled me up, and then fed them. (I felt kinda like a mother bird--hope that is not a gross picture) I told them that I hope what they heard today went deep inside and made a difference in their life.

Speak the truth---people need to hear it. They need to know that someone loves then unconditionally.

Don't forget to pray for this poor little girl ( Anna Nicole's daughter)who has lost her mother and is now being fought over by two men who think they are her father.

Thank You!


Nettie said...

Like you, I have such a heavy heart about this. I am astonished at how much I ache for ANS and her baby girl. I have often thought of her, which has secretly worried me ... am I too absorbed in modern culture? But I just had a tender spot in my heart for her. I can only wish her the peace that she so obviously craved .. with her true Father.

Andrew & Dawn said...

I ache also - for the many people that I come across in my life. How hard must it be to live w/o the Lord? And I don't even want to think about dying w/o the Lord.

What happened to your house?? Looks like a tornado? I couldn't find a post about it. Wow. ((( hugs )))

I'm glad that you're learning from TLT! I learned so much!