Thursday, February 15, 2007

For "Dee"

Several months ago I went through a little health scare. I really thought God was going to ask me to walk a path that would be pretty painful. I finally told God that if it would bring Him glory then I would be willing to walk that path. The tests came back fine. But, I guess the lesson I learned was that I would be willing to go "there" because he was going with me and holding me. Nothing could "get me" without him allowing it. And he was not going to allowing anything to get to me that would destroy me. He is the gentle lover of my soul. I can trust safely in him. I have not always had this type of relationship with him- but each day he is teaching me to trust him more. He is so good! In The Hands Of God

Safe within His fingers
I look out to the world beyond
The storm raging mercilessly
But I’m safe in the hands of God.
I feel the wind against my face
The rain blows through the cracks
But when the lightening strikes
I will not be taken aback.
Safe to sing His praise
Safe to view the victories
I’m safe in the hands of my Savior
Whom my soul He fought to free.


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Dee said...

Sorry I missed this! I'm coming back to spend more time reading okay? D