Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prince Of Peace

Not so long ago in a small town named Peace, peace was nowhere to be found.
People scurried here and there-
numbly unaware of just how much their inner turmoil had warped their lives.
They scrambled from their beds.... pushing and shoving to get out of the door on their way to “something important.” Roads are clogged with cars flying in every direction. Bumper to bumper no one seems to making any progress. Many times the people of Peace were found in the streets and on the sidewalk fighting.......disgruntled souls flaring and rising to the surface.
The town was anything but peaceful.

Still travelers often came to this town because of its name...... looking for something that could not be found elsewhere. They searched for the one thing that would make life better-maybe make life worth living. Thinking that they had just missed something
they often moved to Peace, but only found that a strange feeling of discontentment seemed to have followed them. They wondered why they had bothered.
Streets were crowded, filled with people all in a hurry to get to “it”.
The strange thing was that not one person asked, seemed to remember what "it" was.
And yet they were the people who had lived in Peacethe longest.

And then the day arrived.
No one escaped the nervous energy in the air.
Leaving their homes they they looked up and breathed deep.
Smiles touched their lips as they noticed with relief the banners hung during the night.
Welcome Home Prince of Peace
Strange wonderful anticipation filled their hearts.
Something life changing was about to take place. Streets were cleared.
People were not in a hurry and noticed those around them.
As the day progressed the nervous feeling that had filled their hearts...well, it began to slip away. People were more relaxed and even found time to smile at those they passed on the streets. They has forgotten they could feel this way. There was a sweet smell in the cool air.
Those sitting out in the sun soon found that previous plans had simply melted away.

No one want to be found inside when the “Prince of Peace” arrived.
Then out of silence a glorious melody began to rise.
In the recesses of their minds they knew what it meant.
He was coming!
All rose with hearts fluttering in anticipation.
Parents hurried to lift their children, relief filled the air as all anxiety slipped away.
At last the Prince of Peace would return to reign.
It had been so long.
Peace would once again rule the town.

And it did.

Come LORD....... come soon!


Denise said...

Amen .....Come quickly Lord Jesus... Oh how I long to see HIS face and bring peace to our land...


MJ said...


Denise said...

Beyond beautiful my friend.

grey like snuffie said...


luvmy4sons said...

Ooooh...yes...I can feel the peace...I can't wait! Amen.

Halfmoon Girl said...


Sandi said...

Wonderful post. I just love it.

freetofly said...

"Come LORD....... come soon!"

Amen & Amen! :)

You write beautifully, Sharon!

melanie said...

I can't wait for the feeling of anxiety to slip away!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

beautiful beyond words, and you know how I feel about "words" and about "peace."

love u~elaine