Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I Thought You Were My Friend

I heard the words as if cut by a knife
I didn't deserve those words
I had just helped save a life

A life on the edge headed straight for the pit
A fall over that edge would have hurt quite a bit

But you did not see the events quite that way
You saw instead a life that was taken away

To Allah she would no more bend her knee
But to the Yawh of the universe who had heard her plea

At first fear that you would take a life
But then contentment that it was for Him that we gave our life

And now you are back
And we know that it is salvation you still lack

We raise your name often that God would intervene
That you would not slip into eternity with your sin in between

The gulf ever wide between you and my God
Still He calls to you each day to come out of your fog

So my friend I know you have been told the truth about the coming end
I pray that as we walk gold streets together you'll know for sure that I was
really your friend

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