Monday, January 29, 2007

Face To Face

Face to face with my Savior -what will I say?
On His knees beside my chair He looks into my eyes in His imploring way.
Overwhelmed by the intimacy,
I want to run.
His eyes so full of acceptance,
I fear the conversation has just begun.
“I love you, He says-
It is not, I love you - if you love Me.
It is not, I love you - when you love Me.
It is not, I love you -because of the way you love Me.”

“The truth is I love you with every breath that I take. You’re alive
because My life revolves around you. Like a doll in the store window, gazed upon by the wistful eyes of a small child, I long for the day when I will bring you home and make you Mine- all Mine.”

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