Thursday, January 25, 2007

Door To Door

I wrote this because I don't like to have things unsettled in my mind and this is a subject that is not settled. This is really something raised by my pastor.
I go to a small Baptist church usually known for their weekly visits to homes in the area--they call it door to door. It is used mostly for evangelism but also to check on members who have not been there in a while.
This is not something I enjoy or even want to do. (I am Being honest) If I have to- I will -but I would much rather deal with those within the church. I love to teach- I feel empowered - it is the area of my spiritual gifting. It is the way my mind works. Anyway, my pastor likes to pick on me (in a loving manner) because I am vocal (not in a rebellious way, I think) about the fact that I do not want to go door to door. There are others who seem to enjoy this and I would say, GO! I don't particularly like someone showing up at my door uninvited (my house might be a mess, or I might be) so I guess I look at it as a consideration not to do that to someone else.
Could I possibly be this way because that is where God wants me? I am by no means saying that we should not be a witness for God wherever we go. But I do believe God gives a heart for the area He sends us. [Comments welcome]
Today as I was reading in Galatians a passage suggested by my devotional MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST (I highly recommend). In chapter two Paul is talking about how he is called to the gentiles and Peter is called to the Jews. Both groups are unsaved----but one group is unaware of this fact. I share the belief with my pastor that there are many sitting in our pews that think they are going to heaven but in fact they just have religion. Maybe some what like the Jews. Maybe, perhaps, could this be "my" door to door?
Just a thought.


Sandy said...

I agree with you. We as Christians are also called to be considerate of others. One could always write the person, phone them or my best method send them an email card saying you missed them at church and if there is anything you can do to help ...just let you know.

gid said...

My response to this is that evangelism changes with the times. Being that I live in the city where Tennessee Temple University is located we sometimes have street preachers going at it on the street corner. I think this approach was a good one in the first century when people walked and cities had logical gathering places such as a synagogue or Mars hill. But to try and apply the same technique now in our westernized culture is to be out of step with where people are.

In the same way going Door to Door is a flash back to a time when making house calls was the social norm. It is a flash back to a Victorian type mentality when people would wait in their parlors for visitors hoping they would return their calling cards.