Saturday, August 7, 2010

Under The Open 1

Sitting on the hillside David wondered how long it would be before it was his turn. Hadn't he trained with his brothers for the past few years? Had he helped his brother fight off the bears and wild animals who wanted to steal his fathers sheep?
When would they see him as more than the baby of the family?
With a deep sigh he pushed himself to his feet as his eyes scanned the night sky.
Shoulders slumped in frustration he turned to make his way back to those still gathered around the night meal pot. He could hear the voices of his brothers as the recounted the events from their time in the hills. And, he knew that his father would be making plans for them to start out again once the sun came up.
And once again he would be told to stay home and keep father company.
He was ready!
He already had his little pouch ready for the dried food he would carry. And father had help him choose a strong branch to carve his staff. It would come in handy for keeping stray sheep from falling off the rocky cliffs. He knew the normal route that his brothers took and had even scouted some on his own so that when the fields became bare he knew just where to take the sheep for green lush grass.
Sure he would miss having his father near to talk to. But he had been taught that although a shepherds life could be lonely-his heavenly Father would always be with him. He had spent much time learning about the God who would  never leave him or forsake him.
What more did  he need?
Standing outside the tent he almost jumped when he heard his name. 
"I think David is ready father. I know that you love having him near.....but he will be a strong shepherd. He is responsible and it will be to our benefit to be able to separate the flocks that have gotten so large. We need to move on to greener pasture so that the ewes will have plenty of green grass to support the babies that will be soon here." 
David's heart did a flip in his chest! Would his father agree that he was ready?
His heart was beating so loudly that he feared he would miss the response he so longed to hear.
"I know that David has been ready for awhile now. And I admit that it is this fathers heart that has kept him from the hills. I will speak to him tonight and see if he feels he is ready for his own flock. Now, let us move on to subjects that will bring laughter instead of loneliness to this old mans heart."
David could hardly breathe! He wanted to run in and throw himself into his fathers lap, but he knew he would have to wait for father to come for him. He would have to carefully watch his words or father would know that he had been listening in on a meeting he had not been invited to attend.
Trying to calm his heart he wandered out to his favorite rock. Looking into the bright night sky he offered up thanks to the great Shepherd. He knew in his heart that God had been preparing him for this moment. And when he sat under this same night sky days away from family and friends that the same God would be watching over him.
Raising his arms in praise he spoke into the night sky, "You are my shepherd, I shall not want."
(Psalm 23)
Unlike David, I know that there are many women out there today that find themselves in situations that they feel they are unprepared for. Women who look across the table at a man and wonder how they could have lost the love they once held dear in their hearts. Wondering where things had gone so wrong. 
I was at the same spot years ago.  I remember just wanting to tuck tail and run.
 And.......I did. I thank God now that during that time when I wandered away from my marriage and the church-- He was still my Shepherd. Of course I did not realize at the time that I had all the tools I needed to stay and face the fight. My trip into the outside world was a search to fill a void. A search to find someone or something that would fill that all consuming void.
You may have experienced some of what I am talking about.
You search daily for a reason to stay. Maybe you stay for the kids. Or maybe it is because you don't think you could support yourself the way the man in your life has. 
Whatever the case......God wants you to know He is right there. 
I can tell you...He can heal your heart. And He will fill your open heart with a love for your husband that you never knew was possible. He is there to guide you and hold you as you walk through this time.
I know how hard it can be.
And on top of all of this......He will fill the void in your heart.
He has prepared you for this time. 
I pray you will call out to Him now.
He is listening.
He is waiting.


luvmy4sons said...

So beautiful girlfriend. What a beautiful encouragement for those in difficult times! I think it is so important to keep these pictures in mind. To stop in the midst of your circumstance and see God there with you. Lovely. He is there...listening and waiting.

BunnyGirl said...

Hey Sharon,

Its been a while since I popped in here then wow, there are two amazing posts, one right after the other. Well you know me and my circumstances so this was a great encouragement. Thank you for posting both these messages.We fight the good fight but its never alone.

Denise said...

Very inspiring, love you.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Anonymous said...

Winging It said...

Sharon, what a beautiful way to tell the story of David! You really brought it to life!

HE is ever and ubiquitously near! :)

Thank goodness!